August 7th, 2009


Cancer Afflicting a Teenaged Girl

Setting: Modern-Day; United States
I need a kind of cancer that could afflict a teenaged girl (17 or 18 years old) of Hispanic heritage. It doesn't matter how long she's had it, but I need her to be able to go to school functionally, although it would be all right if she had frequent absences. Preferably, I'd like for there to be no outward clues that she's sick, except for her to be losing hair and possibly be pale. (The object here is that she wears a wig, so her classmates would only notice her pallor and absences; she's keeping her cancer a secret from everyone as best she can.) I'm aiming for a cancer that's pretty much static in symptoms and effects until it suddenly worsens, lands her in the hospital, and unfortunately kills her. I'm trying to avoid leukemia, because it's so overdone in YA lit. I've read about certain kinds of cancer, and none have particularly stood out as being things that could work for me.
"Cancer" Teens
"Types of Cancer"
"Illnesses" Teens
Thanks in advance!

Death by Spinal Shock/ Broken Neck

Setting: modern-day USA
search terms: broken neck, break neck death, spinal shock death blood, spinal cord death

Hello all! Me again with another need for a gruesome death, this time a broken neck. Questions after the jump.

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I hope that next time I can ask a question about kittens or cupcakes. Until then, thanks for your help, Little Details friends!
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Korean names

Setting: Present day

One of my characters is Korean, and although I've given his character a lot of care and attention, I haven't actually named him. I have a very basic understanding of how Korean names are structured, but I'd like to learn more. Unfortunately, I haven't found more than a few voices on the subject by searching online, and books on the subject seem to be scarce. Mostly I've been finding lists of Korean names in global name databases with either a brief description or no description at all. The most helpful resource I've found yet is Ask a Korean, which is fantastic, but I thought I'd cover all my bases by asking a few questions here and getting more than one source.

1. What sorts of names are considered unusual? Unusual can span anywhere from mildly uncommon to "Were your parents sober when they named you?"

2. I've read about generational names that siblings share. Does this apply to most families?

3. Lastly, what is your favorite Korean name (meant for either boys or girls)? The meaning would be lovely, too, if you know it!

Very much appreciated, and thank you!
Tenpou: sake

PR Campaign

I want to create a realistic looking PR Campaign in my fanfic. I already know the most basic things and concepts (I had a couple courses on advertising back in high school years ago and I have a couple of friends in the industry who I don't want to bother at the moment), but it's nothing much. As for the resources I've already used and/or reviewed, here's the list of the terms I searched and read in Wikipedia --- Public relations, Interactive PR, Advertising, Promotion, Publicity, Spin, Pseudo-event, Photo op, Publicity stunt, Media circus, Media prank.
Google: стратегия построения PR-кампании ('PR campaign building strategy' in Russian)

Now the situation.

I have a Smallville/Queer as Folk kinda cross-over where Brian Kinney is managing Lex's coup against Lionel. The timeline is in the present (actually it's Smallville 3rd season spin-off and QaF post-5th season), US, mainly in Smallville/Metropolis (Kansas) with some mentions of Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania). I don't know if it's important. I have no clue about US laws (sorry), I just know they can be different in different states.
The first thing Lex wants is to separate his image from his father, then slowly take over LuthorCorp and completely destroy Lionel as a businessman. The first publicity stunt he's made before searching Brian's expertise is organizing a press conference where his psychiatrist revealed to the public that Lionel tried to shut Lex up in a mental facility and use electroshocks on him while fully aware that Lex was HIV positive and it was a very real risk to his life. Yes, my Lex is HIV+. And Brian's first advice could be something about making his researches for HIV cure very public remarking that "all they have to know is you have a reason to finish it".
So how should I do it?

It would be a lot easier if people who decided to help me knew what I was talking about, first of all because the actions should fit into Lex's and Brian's characters, but if someone doesn't know anything about them but still wants to help, I would still appreciate it. The basic info on the characters and LuthorCorp can be found here:

Thanks in advance!

Family assigned social workers, British law

I have tried to Google this question and have come up with nothing conclusive, so I am hoping for information from British members of the community.

Would a British family ever be assigned a social worker by the government on account of a child's behavior? If so, under what circumstances? The family in question lives in London, if location has any bearing upon the answer, and the child is fifteen or sixteen years old. I was hoping that it would be possible for the family to be assigned a social worker against the parents' wishes; the parents in question have a very lax attitude toward their children's behavior.