August 5th, 2009

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Literacy amongst the masses 16-18th centuries Britain

For anyone else dabbling in historical fiction around this time, I give you this wonderful essay. It details speculated literacy rates amongst the masses over a span of 200 years. I think my favouite part is the breakdown between being literate, and knowing how to write one's name. It also gives a bit of a breakdown of who would be more likely to be able to read, and the differences between reading print (the Bible), and being able to read handwriting, as well as a whole slew of other little tidbits on reading and writing.

Murdering a serial killer

This is slightly more complex than simply murdering a serial killer. Part of the story would involve a man who was sent to prison for being a serial killer but he was actually innocent. The man then escapes from prison and sets about finding the real killer. He eventually does and then murders them.

Obviously there are many aspects -- the fact he had been wrongly imprisoned, the psychological toll that might take on a man, the difference between pre-meditated murder of the serial killer or whether it was just second degree murder.

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Chameleon goth

Edwardians at the Epsom Derby

I am writing a story, from an eyewitness point of view, about the death of Emily Wilding Davison. I have found plenty of information about the event, the surrounding political atmosphere, the costumes, the style of speech and the race itself. But, I am struggling to find any information as to whether different social classes would be divided at the race or would intermingle.

The searches I have done so far are - class division at the racecourse 1913 where would Edwardian upper class be at Epsom class structure at Edwardian sports events

I imagine the answer will be simple and I'll be baffled by my own stupidity. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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Eclipses by the century

You have to adore Wikipedia for that little bit of verisimilitude.

At the bottom of the entry for Solar Eclipses, there's a list of eclipses from 3736BC to the 30th Century.

Ok, so the idea that your time-travelling character arrives at a location just two days before the solar eclipse that they will predict and therefore have the locals proclaim them as a god is just a little overdone. But did you want the hero's sister to be blinded? Find the date for the eclipse she watched while everyone else cowered in their stone-aged huts. Want the parents' wedding to be cursed for all time? At the very moment they were declaring their love... you get the idea.

And yes, I know they got the list from NASA, but the format's a little easier to read.

Now please excuse me. I have a primitive fictional Tasman Sea native tribe to be brought into submission under my iron heel on 1st February 2614.

Las Vegas Police - Arrest And Behaviour

Setting/Background: Present day USA, basically our world/cultural context for the purposes of this particular story. So in essence, it's the contemporary world.

Searched: Las Vegas city website, Las Vegas police website, Nevada Bar Association. Search terms 'arrest procedure Las Vegas' 'sentence drunk disorderly Las Vegas' 'Vegas Police Formal Caution' 'arrest+Las Vegas+tourist' 'Las+Vegas+Criminal Law' in various combinations

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