July 26th, 2009

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Location of Specific Han in Tokugawa Japan

I'm thinking this might be a long shot, but browsing through the relevant tags made me a little more optimistic about someone here knowing the answer. This group seems pretty thoroughly awesome in that respect.

So, in Tokugawa (Edo period) Japan the country was divided up into provinces, and those provinces divided up into smaller regions called han. I'm looking for the specific location of two particular han: Omizo han, and Zeze han. They were both in Shiga province (modern day Shiga prefecture), around or near lake Biwa. The names and locations of the capitol (for lack of a better term) cities, and major towns or villages would also be very helpful. After hours and hours google-fu all I've managed to turn up are maps which show the borders, but aren't labeled, or maps that might contain what I'm looking for, but are in Japanese.

Mostly I'm trying to work out realistic travel times on horseback between those han and Kyoto, but knowing the locations will also help me find the specific topography of those regions so I'll have a more precise mental picture of the scenery of each location while I'm writing.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Deep Wounds: Healing and Long Term Effects

Story setting: Limited technology, sort of medieval (Pern, if it matters to anyone). No advanced surgical techniques.

What I've tried: Going through the tags for medicine: injuries (misc), and injuries to order (I think it was!). Also Googling wound healing, deep wound healing, deep wounds. I turned up a few articles but none were relevant to the wounds my character has.

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Halal requirements and artificial meat

Setting: 2078, a slightly-anarchic dystopia that used to be the United States of America.

Question: Technology has advanced to the point that most meat produced is now artificial, technically "in vitro" meat. Thus it is grown in a lab rather than cut from living animals. Would this be halal or haram?

Searches: combinations of "artificial meat", "Islam", "halal", "haram", "in vitro meat". I've tried looking at lists of halal and haram foods but they didn't really help. Also tried looking up mycoprotein for some sort of comparison, but my browser kept confusing Quorn and Qu'ran (not kidding) so I gave up in disgust.
city of brotherly love.

ideas for finding out-of-date maps (of south philly)?

anybody know where i can find a mcnally's road map or atlas or something for 1979-1980 philadelphia? or have one they wanna get rid of?

all i need's an accurate layout of streets, and i really need it to cover south philly in particular. it's amazing--i can get my hands on restaurant reviews for places that served their last customer over a hundred and fifty years ago, no problem, but i can't find a single simple 20th century road map anywhere.

i've googled (philadelphia, map, 1979, south philly, out of print maps, etc), i've hit abe books, i've poked at the salvation army site, i've even hit the rand mcnally site to see if they had an archive. the obvious answer i guess is to drive over to the historical society, but that would be difficult to pull off right now.

otoh, if you have documented evidence that none of the streets in south philly have changed at all from 1979 to now, that would also solve the problem. ;)

[EDIT: thanks for pointing me in the right direction, guys! you're awesome.]

College Alternatives

I have an RP character who will be starting her Senior year of high school in the fall.

She's fairly smart, but has no real motivation to go to college. Her biggest motivations are the following:

1) She really likes helping people. This is fun, since she goes to a school for super-villains (and has been completely clueless about this fact for over a year. She will remain clueless about this, as it's really useful having a student who genuinely believes that it's a good place. PR purposes. And also the second motivation).

2) Her boyfriend, who is starting at Harvard in the fall. He is one of the most powerful supervillains-in-training; her superpowers are pretty weak, so we often joke that her superpower is being his girlfriend. I considered having her go to Harvard to stay with him, and study French (which she's good at), but I honestly can't see her lasting four years in a regular college.

I considered having her go into the Peace Corps, but the quiz on their website said she's not likely to get in with her job experience.

She gets four years "off" from working for the organization before they basically own her soul for the rest of her life (and they do that by providing her with nice things to keep her happy, because if she's happy, then her ridiculously overpowered boyfriend is happy... it's a pretty sweet deal). Most people go to college.

What are some alternatives she might like?

(I searched for college alternatives, and got tons of ads for "complete college at home!!!11" programs. Not helpful.)