July 19th, 2009


Typical daily duties of a naval nurse

Googled "navy nurse", "typical day of navy nurse" and variations on a theme, read the websites of the UK and US Navies concerning nurses.

I'm writing a Star Trek reboot fic containing a nurse. I'd like to know what her usual standard duties would be for the days when there are no life-threatening emergencies. I thought that a good analogy would be to look at what nurses serving on ships today do, and extrapolate from there but I'm having problems finding exactly what I'm looking for. How would she interact with patients - what sort of injuries/checks could she be responsible for sorting out, and what would be handled by a doctor? What would she do with her time if there were no patients demanding her attention?

Thank you to anybody that can help me.
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Realistic drunkeness

I tried Googling various things like how long it could take the average person to get drunk, how many drinks it takes on average to get drunk, etc, but it seems like it's just too subjective for there to be any basic answer. Especially considering what I'm going for.

The setting is 2009, in a hotel room in a big city neighborhood that's just this side of "Holy god, why would you want to stay there?", so access to a cheap liquor store is pretty much guaranteed for the character. What I'm trying to figure out is how realistic it would be for this character to be at the 5th stage of drunkenness as described on this page. For the linkphobic, they basically describe it as the stage where incredibly stupid decisions are all but guaranteed, but you can still speak reasonably well without slurring.

My character is early 30s, with a BMI of 20.2 (pretty good for her height, 5'11"). What I'm wanting to write is her going to her hotel room and getting drunk, then doing something incredibly stupid that I'm still working on. This will happen maybe two hours after she started drinking and her drink of choice is going to be either beer, rum, or vodka. Is what I'm aiming for in terms of how drunk she'll be realistic or off-base? If it's off-base, what would be a better way to get to the point I'm aiming for?
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kosher and halal in relation to soap


What is required to keep soap kosher and halal? I know that it can't be pork for halal, but does it need the fat need to be procured from a halal butcher? does the lye need any special treatment? Is it even relevant to a non-food item?

What about kosher? I believe dairy and meat can't mix (is that correct? thats what I"ve been reading) but I'm not sure if it applies to soap.

What details do I need to know to keep soap all inclusive? (I've already figured vegetarian, ovo-lacto vegetarian and vegan).

Searches i've done...the web generally, ask-an-imam (no response as of yet), wiki, and the halal knowledge center.

Sorry if this is offensive - I"m trying not to be and making sure not to offend by getting it wrong!

Driving From Manhattan (Tribeca)

I'm working on two separate, but related stories. Both take place in the present day. My MC lives in the Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan.

1-He needs to drive from Tribeca to Delaware. He begins in the early morning. Between 6-9am. I don't have a particular day in mind, so it could be a weekday or weekend. But I do know it's late winter or early spring. It's cold and there is some snow on the ground. 

What route would he take? How long would it take? What would he see during the drive? I've done NJ to Delaware but that was last over 10 yrs agoa and I wasn't driving, so I don't remember a lot. Just that Delaware has a bridge and a tunnel available to cross the river.

2-My MC is traveling from Tribeca out to Teterboro Airport in NJ. It's a Wednesday afternoon/evening, approx 3-5pm when he starts out. The season is Summer.  I haven't decided on the exact month yet. Either a week or so after Memorial day, meaning mid-June. Or, it's after July 4, mid-July.

Again, what route would he likely take? How long would it take? What would he see during the drive? Mapquest suggests a travel time of 24 mins via George Washington Bridge. I'm pretty sure that's unrealistic.