July 17th, 2009


Porn on TV in the US

Okay, this is probably a very silly question but it just suddenly occurred to me that I can't assume things work alike on the other side of the pond... and I don't exactly know how I'd go about researching this unless I start reading through TV guides.

So, can my character stumble on hardcore porn by accident while channel surfing?

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Thanks in advance! (Let me know if I forgot to add some relevant info...)

Edit: Wow, you guys are fast;) I added a little more detail.

Edit2: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE ANSWERS. I'll have to make a plot point about the existence of the porn channels, then.
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British regional stereotypes

Time/Place: Britain, 1990-ish to the present
Googled: "British stereotypes", "British regional stereotypes", "stereotypes in Britain", "Manchester stereotypes", "Crawley stereotypes", "West Sussex stereotypes", "Sussex stereotypes", "you know you're from Manchester when", "you know you're from Crawley when", "you know you're from Sussex when"; I also looked through the community's Britain tags.

I'm looking for for the sort of stereotypes modern-day British people would hold about people from other parts of Britain - analogous to the whole "New Yorkers are rude, Vermonters are all hippies, anyone south of the Mason-Dixon line is a hick/redneck" thing in the USA. Specifically, I'm looking for things about Manchester and Crawley, or West Sussex in general if there isn't much specific to Crawley. My google search did turn up some things - some stuff about Manchester on Yahoo Answers and a handful of Facebook groups, but the latter seem to be written by the people who inhabit the given area, which isn't what I'm looking for.

(Information about other regions is welcome as well, of course.)

Books hazy

Well-known Japanese children’s TV program

I'm looking for a famous Japanese children's TV program for my characters to refer to, ideally something with an "educational" segment explaining/showing something – so basically, the Japanese equivalent of "Sesame Street" or "Sendung mit der Maus".

The characters are in their mid-twenties today and so were most likely watching kid's programs in the late 80s and early 90s. If possible, though, I'd prefer a show with cult-status that is either still on air today or is re-broadcast fairly frequently.

I’ve tried googling various permutations of "Japanese children's TV program", but have found it really difficult to locate something that fits the right time frame, has an educational element, and is well-known enough for my purposes.

Thank you very much for your help!
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priests from different Catholic parishes visiting each other

Hi everyone!

I am working on a story where the main character A is a transitional deacon in a Catholic parish in New York City. (He has completed the seminary studies already, just hasn't been ordained a priest yet.)

Now, A knows character B from their seminary days together. They were pretty good friends but haven't seen each other since they left the seminary. The current plot is that A attends a church conference in another city, which B's church is hosting. (B can be a priest or a deacon, doesn't matter.) SOMEHOW (I don't know how yet) A is asked by B's parish to stay there for a few days after the conference ends. And when he does return to his own parish, SOMEHOW (again) B comes back with him for the purpose of visiting.

My questions:
1. What kind of conferences exist for Catholic church parishes in America? What goes on there?
2. What kind of "official" business can A be conducting in the scenario listed above to stay in another city?
3. What kind of "official" business can B get sent on to visit A's parish?

Any help/insight would be greatly appreciated! :D