July 16th, 2009

"Danny Boy" but not the traditional ballad

I was on hold with Northwest Airlines of all places listening to what sounded like alternative or contemporary folk on their line when on came a song whose refrain started out "Danny boy". It was not the old Irish air. The singer was male, American-accented if that counts for anything, youngish, it was guitar-based, and somewhat wistful. I'd call it alternative or pop-folk. Does anybody out there have any possibilities for me to search on?

I did a search on Google, but you can imagine what pops up with only "danny boy lyrics" as your terms. I also searched iTunes with "Danny" in the title and focusing on Alternative and Singer-Songwriter, and did come across one good song -- "Danny Boy" by Greenwich -- but although I bought it and like it, I don't think that's the one.

How would you go about finding this song? Or any song if all you have is a bit of lyric and a vague idea of a genre/kind of artist?

EDIT: Haven't found it yet but the search suggestions and community links are wonderful. Thanks

Korean Names, Genderswitch

I'm working on a fanfiction that takes place in Seoul, present day, and am looking to pull a genderswitch on one of the characters. I would like something feminine that would still make it recognizable as this character.

For all I've studied the culture, etc., the names still baffle me.

The boy's name is DongHae.

I don't even know what to use as a search term to look, so anything in that direction would also be of help.

eh team

Grocery Bags in the UK; Storefronts on Charing Cross Rd

Okay, so this is one of those really, really weird questions.

I have an 11-yr-old girl and her mother visiting in London, in the early 90's. Daughter is a bit of a bibliophile, and tends to buy at least one book wherever she goes with her pocket money. Sometimes more. With this in mind, mother packs something in her own bag for the daughter's overflow. I'm imagining this to be like the cloth grocery bags I always used in Germany--made out of a strong, light material that's probably some cotton blend. They're cheap and small--you can fit two, maybe three 3-litre bottles in them.

How common would these be in London? Would they be present at all?

Second question. Having never been to London myself, let alone Charing Cross Road, I must ask:
Can anyone give me the names of a bookstore and a recordshop that are side-by-side? If not, no sweat. If so...free kidney!!

Thank you very much!