July 6th, 2009


Influence of three moons on planet's climate.

Hi !
I have an odd question : what would happen to the climate if we had three moons (the total mass would be the same as that of our moon. Just imagine three moons formed instead of only one, but with the same amount of matter) ? I guess the tides would be pretty tough to calculate, with very high and very low tides when the three moons are aligned. But what would be the impact of such massive tides on a planet's climate ? Would it affect things like the Golf Stream ? Would navigation on the oceans be particularly challenging ?
BTW, does any of you know of a simulator I could use to map the orbits of my three moons and maybe calculate the tidal force resulting ?
Thanks a lot ! I've done a bit of research on tides, but it's very complex, and I don't even know if tides are affecting the Earth's climate (I guess so. Would be quite a challenge to point out exactly what it does, though).
Thanks a lot for all ideas and suggestions !
Psychopsis Papillio

Stab wounds and punctured lungs.

Search terms used: collapsed lungs, puncture, lethality of collapsed lungs
Time: early to mid 90s

I have a character who was mugged and stabbed several times. At the hospital I currently have the nurse telling his family that he's in critical care but not exactly what's wrong with him since I've been led to believe that the details aren't necessary for the family to know.

If I'm wrong about that, and should elaborate, what exactly would be realistic to cause death for the victim within two to three hours of being stabbed and having surgery done? He was left alone in the alley for a few minutes before he was found by his boyfriend.

I assume that a punctured lung could become a collapsed lung and mix in blood loss or perhaps unnoticed internal bleeding...

I'm sorry, my google-fu is really weak >_>