July 3rd, 2009

Unexploded bomblets and bullet-resistant materials.

Setting - modern alternative world.

If you believe there may be unexploded bomblets from a clusterbomb spread across the (sandy, scrubby) ground immediately in front of you and you need to advance forward at least a few yards, would it make things better or worse to throw things/shoot up the ground to set them off -- if you are able to do so from behind a bullet-resistant barrier?

(Searched: bomblets, dealing with bomblets, throwing rocks etc. But obviously  it's really the presence of the barrier that's the critical factor in this and I don't think there's any way to search for that),

Travel Time: Jet Flight, Chicago to Glasgow

Hi, folks. Me again.

Quick question: Does anyone have an idea about how long a plane flight between Chicago/ O'Hare and Glasgow International Airport would take? I know the distance is roughly 4000 miles, but don't know how long the air time (counting stops) would be.

If it helps, the jet in question is a private chartered Learjet.

Thanks in advance!