June 28th, 2009

From The Rooftops They Were Watching

Chicago, present day.

My novel takes place in Chicago, and while I've done lots of hands-on research there, I'm missing two bits of information that the internet has been incredibly unhelpful with.

One, does anybody know where I can find pictures of, or has been in and can describe for me, the lobby of the Chicago Tribune building on Michigan Avenue? I'm not talking about Tribune Tower, but the building next to the river. I've seen the outside of it up close and personal but never been inside. I've searched the internet high and low and can't find ANYTHING. Surely someone has at least gone on a class trip and taken pictures?

Two, does anyone know the name of this piece of stained glass in the Richard H. Driehaus gallery at Navy Pier? Like an idiot, when I was there visiting, I failed to note the name of it, but thought I could look it up on the internet later. Ha! Google has been COMPLETELY unhelpful.

Thank you!
Sherlock is tired of your bullshit

Runaways and Foster Care in London

Setting: Now-ish. Probably '06 or '07
Research Done: went through comm tags like mad; googled British Foster Care, English Foster Care, Action for Children, National Children's Home, British Social Services, a few others I can't remember.

The deal:

Ideally, I want my main guy to be somewhat friendly with a group of teenage kids, probably between 13-16 or so. The way the scenario is drafted is the kids are all either run-aways, or in some sort of foster placement. How does placement and education work for these sorts of kids, and what would be the channels taken if they were picked up on the street, having run away/skipped school?

It's kind of a small one, but I get the feeling that if I fake it, it'll be horribly wrong.