June 20th, 2009

Drinking among Russian youth...

There's a lot on the internet about Russians and drinking, but I haven't really found quite the information I'm looking for. There's articles about drinking and toasting and drinking and zakuskis, etc., but...

I'm wondering what Russian youth drink when they drink at parties and if there's any particular drinking customs. Do they tend to shoot vodka? Drink beer? Do they toast? That seems like a lot of effort for teenagers who are looking to get plastered. Do they still typically eat while drinking during parties?

I mean, I'm making an assumption here that like teenagers the world over Russian teenagers like to get together and drink, legality be damned (which seems like a safe assumption).

Any information (or personal experience) would be appreciated. :)

All-night radio stations in Syracuse, New York , 1984

I'm trying to find out which radio stations in or near Syracuse, New York would have had all-night programming in 1984. Especially interested in any classical music stations, including any that one could have picked up from a larger city: for instance, could one have heard an all-night classical station from Toronto, or from New York City?

Thanks in advance.

CPS involvement in a family with a deployed servicemember

Time: probably 2005-ish
Place: upstate NY (Fort Drum and a to-be-determined second location in upstate NY)
Already read: Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, various "family member of deployed servicemember" info on the Fort Drum website, various New York State social services laws.
Already searched: variants on "deployed servicemember CPS investigation" and "foster care military family" (with the -pets modifier due to the massive amount of information on fostering pets).

the scenario and what should ideally happenCollapse )

US state National Guard organization during disasters.

Setting: 1980s.

Ok, first off - my knowledge of the US military is pretty craptastic. So, with that caveat out of the way, I must ask:

How would the National Guard organise their response during an ongoing disaster which is taking place over a large urban area? (I guess that Katrina would be one of the most obvious RL examples.)

If they're there to support law enforcement, then would units be assigned to specific police precincts?

For general disaster recovery, would units be allocated by neighbourhood or borough?

Articles read:

I've searched for 'national guard katrina,' 'national guard organisation,' 'national guard disaster relief,' and 'national guard law enforcement.'