June 17th, 2009

Pani Lusia

Spell in Latin

I am trying to come up with an incantation for an ironing spell. I want it to be something like "un-crease" in Latin and I found out that the word(s) for "crease, wrinkle in fabrics" are: "ruga" and "rugae". What kind of negative should precede it?

Thank you!
WalterSeras by dasaod

Erectile Dyfunction Ads in snail mail?

Time: Now
Place: Eastern United States

Do ads for erectile dysfunction ads ever come in the regular mail? Not as part of a magazine, but independently? I tried googling "Viagra ads mail" and "erectile dysfunction ads" but primarily got people complaining about the television and e-mail ads. (Plus people trying to sell me drugs over the internet.)

(I've never seen one or heard anyone mention one, so I hope it's not an obvious question.)
Mimzy girl sit

Sex reassignment surgery and age

I have a character in a series of stories who is a male-to-female transgendered girl. She has known her true gender pretty much since she was a toddler, and has parents who are really cool about it. She's on hormones and so on. Now, my question is, how young can one get sex reassignment surgery, with parental consent? I ask because I want her to have already had the surgery and been recovered from it by the time of the story I want to write next, and would prefer her to be 16 or 17 if that's possible.

I tried finding out on Google, but I failed. Tried "sexual reassignment surgery," "sexual reassignment surgery and youth," and "transgender youth" and get information overload. I haven't been able to locate the answer to the specific question.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Can't really help on the setting. It takes place in an unspecified near future in an unspecified (and probably fictional) city. And I think it was taking place in Iowa, but I am not sure, and I might change it to Oregon.
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Flight Paths

Okay, so I've been having trouble trying to find a flight path from London's Heathrow Airport to Japan's Narita for my character..


My character is on board a plane, from Heathrow to Narita on business. Plane goes down somewhere he's guaranteed not to survive. I need to know what oceans would he be likely to go down in? Would he even be likely to go down in an ocean? Details of how he would be most likely to die are not needed.

What would be an appropriate flight name? Think Lost for example- Oceanic 815.

Hoping you can help me!

-Googled: Flight plan heathrow narita, flight plan england japan, flight plan heathrow tokyo, flight plan london tokyo.


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Throat injuries resulting in muteness

Setting: Present
Searched: *Throat injuries resulting in muteness* Yahoo, google

My main character is mute.

His muteness has to be the result of an physical injury(the more pain the better; bonus points if it causes mental trauma as well) but I'm not quit sure how to injure him. The injury has to be serious enough to cause permanent damage (muteness) but not so serious that he'd die from it if he received very little to no medical care. Someone recommended having him force-fed lye or lye soap but would that work? Could he survive that with little or no medical care? What other damage would that cause (to his taste buds, teeth, stomach etc.)?

What other injuries could cause permanent muteness or damage the vocal cords to the point where he could maybe make sound but not be able to speak in any comprehensible way?