June 15th, 2009

Teaching Chinese staff

When: current day

Where: USA (really doesn't matter)

My MC is looking to take up martial arts, and is "interviewing" various schools to find one that feels right.  (Said MC is not actually new to martial arts, but getting back in after a 10+ year hiatus.)

One of the classes they observe is Chinese staff ("gun" ?), and I'd like to have real technique if possible.  The class is early intermediate level and has a handful of students.

I'm looking for something that will take about sixty to ninety seconds of screen time, and will involve the students analyzing and responding to new material.  Oh, yes: I'd love it to be, and be somewhat taught as, an actual combat technique instead of just a form. 

A place for a gunshot wound that wouldn't make the victim bleed too much

Characters A and B are chasing after character C. Character A has a gun. They were planning to kill character C later on anyway, so character A naturally thinks of shooting him, since it's the only way of stopping him. It's completely irrelevant how serious the injury is, as long as it stops him from running.
However, they need character C for his blood and every amount that is spilled counts, so character A--who would know this sort of thing--decides to shoot him somewhere that would make him lose the least blood possible in this situation (and still permanently stop him from running, so arms are out of the question).

I was thinking of legs, but I thought that it would be somewhere in the upper leg, because as good as A's aim is, he wouldn't be able to aim for C's ankle while C is running, and he hasn't got too much bullets, either.

Am I completely wrong on this? Is there a place that would bleed less? (please note that character C has his back turned to A and B) And how much would he bleed, anyway?
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Killer Art/ Deaths of Artists

I'm looking for two things:

1. True, historical, or legendary stories of people being killed by art. I'm mostly being very literal here--paintings or sculptures falling on people and so on, poisoned paint--but if you know a story of a painting causing a riot or so on, or a famous painting being cursed, I'd like to hear that too.

So far I know of Christo's Umbrella's killing a woman in California, Luis Jiminez dying when a piece of sculpture fell on him, and two recent deaths by inflatable sculpture in the UK.

I don't mind if these stories are completely apocryphal, and if the art is famous so much the better. If the story doesn't end in death but only injury, near-death, or near-injury, that's okay too.

2. Unusual deaths or murders of famous artists. Again, legendary or apocryphal stories are completely acceptable.


Search terms tried: death by sculpture, death by painting, killer art, unusual death artists

ETA: Thank you so much to everyone who's offered an idea or a comment. I'm not able to thank everyone personally at the moment, but I appreciate your help!

Also, to clarify, "true" stories with murky provenance (or myths or legends) are fine for my purpose, but pure fiction isn't. And I should have specified, but I'm looking for visual art, not performing art or literature, so no music or theater--though those anecdotes may prove to be useful for others! Thanks again.

Kanji tattoos

I'm writing in screenplay format and have scenes containing music, specifically heavy metal. I've been devoting time to listening to various bands and one of the bands I like, SLAYER, has me in a quandary. Did you know Tom Araya has a Kanji tattoo?

Yes, it would be great to have a movie accredited to me with music from the band SLAYER, but for now I'm just doing background research on the band members, and because tattoos say a lot about a person, I have uploaded a copy of Tom's Kanji tattoo Collapse )