June 12th, 2009


travel time from russia to scotland

For a (fantastically cracky, embarrassed I'm even writing it) AU, how long would it take someone to travel from Russia (probably Moscow) to Scotland (probably Edinburgh) in like the 1400s? By horse and carriage, and I guess a ship if necessary. They have a lot of baggage with them (they are going to get married).

I've googled:

Moscow to Edinburgh travel time
Moscow to Edinburgh travel time historical
Moscow to Edinburgh travel time on foot

And several variations thereof, mostly getting travel agents. Plus a quick perusal of the archives; not sure how something like this should be tagged.

I found a blog of a group of people who bicycled from Moscow to Edinburgh and it took them 27 days, which I thought sounded reasonable, given that

a) horses can go faster (I think??) but adjusting for the fact that
b) these people probably had way better roads and infrastructure to travel upon.

But, these people also took detours to like France and stuff, (It doesn't explicitly say, but it seems like they took the Chunnel - the entries skip from Brussels to home...) and did some touristy things on the way, which my character would not do. Just straightest line across possible.

Thanks in advance! This doesn't even really *matter* since this fic is so much crack, but I'm hung up on it and would like to have at least one thing be accurate, and maybe this will be helpful to someone in the future.

Paranormal investigations

Hi! I need help.
Does anyone know how I can find information on what it is like to have your house investigated on one of those 'Sightings' or 'Ghost Hunters' shows? I've found plenty of info on the equipment used and how to personally conduct an investigation. I need to know is what it is like from the perspective of the person being investigated. What is it like to have a tv crew show up at your house, interview you on camera, and actually look for ghosts? How would I find this information out?

Also, if any of you have experienced this, I would be especially interested.



Time Period: 1996-Present (a little future)
Location: Boston, MA

My MC is in a car accident when she is eleven and loses her right leg below the knee. I think I have the medical stuff down, but I need details about what her day-to-day life and problems might be right after the surgery and beyond. She's not particularly athletic or willing to push herself to the max. Much more likely to stay home from school when it may interfere with her daily life and such. I just need details as to how it would affect her routine, what possible complications might be and just what it's like living with a prosthetic. I have googled but I kind of want personal experience if anyone can help.
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