June 10th, 2009

Friendly Terms in Modern Ireland

I'm trying to find which, if any, friendly terms are used in Ireland, particularly in the Dublin and/or Belfast areas. Edited to add: Those used generically or for friends by someone in their 20-30s and The equivalent of high school and college educated.

But friendly terms I mean things like, "chap, mate, dude, love", etc. As in, "What can I do for you, mate?" or "How's it going, dude?" or "Good morning, love."

So far, I haven't been able determine anything with any consistency.  I've found two sites that have said "love" is used. One, claimed, "darlin'" Another said older folks might use the gaelic "a ghra". Yet another, "dude" or "man".

Is there anything used fairly regularly? How about by women more than men or vice verse?"

Edited to add:
Re Tags. I used the list provided on the main community page. It did not include an  "Ireland" one. But I did include "Ireland" and "Irish" as separate tags. The system apparently did not accept them. If someone can point me to a more comprehensive list of acceptable site tags, I would be happy to use them and update those on this post.

Adoption In New York City and Assassination And Protection

Setting: long story short, multi fandom alternative universe that to all intents and purposes is the same as our own. 2008 to the near future, but basically it's the same but with legal same sex marriage in New York State and a slightly more progressive political scene.
Search(s) Used: googled 'adoption New York City' 'New York Newborn Adoption Procedure' 'adoption newborn New York' visited New York Department of Family Services website and New York Adoption. For the second googled 'secret service protection' which took me to the official US Secret website. Also 'protection congress members threats' 'congress death threats' 'congress, assassination' 'member of congress bodyguards' 'congressional events security' 'USS Intrepid Museum Security'

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Legal status of a minor born in Germany to non-citizen parent, orphaned in US

This is the background for a character I've been developing. He was born around 1985 to a Turkish mother in Germany. I haven't decided yet if his mother was born in Germany to emigrant parents or was born in Turkey and immigrated later, but regardless she's not a German citizen. She is unmarried and her son's father is not named on the birth certificate. She is estranged from her family and supports herself and her son on her own for several years until she meets and marries an American soldier stationed in Germany.

The American stepfather brings his new wife and her son to the US. He begins paperwork to adopt his stepson but the process has not been finalized when both the boy's mother and stepfather are killed suddenly. As a minor with no known family in the US, he is taken into the custody of the state children's welfare service.

Now here's what I don't know: as the boy was not adopted by his stepfather, he does not hold US citizenship. As his mother was not a German citizen, he does not hold German citizenship*. He IS a Turkish citizen by right of blood**, but has never been to Turkey and has no immediate family living there anymore. So what is the procedure with a case like this? Would the boy be put into foster care anyway, or would the social workers or whoever actually try to track down some long-lost family members in Germany and Turkey?

* German law states that those born after January 1, 1975 are Germans if the mother or father is a German citizen.
** Article 66 of the Turkish Constitution: "The child of a Turkish father or a Turkish mother is a Turk."
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Can abortion fail?

Is it possible for an abortion (carried out by a licensed practitioner) to fail?  How? (circa 1983 btw - any information on birth control or abortion in the UK in that time is welcome).

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I've tried posting this in Childfree and AbortionInfo, and got sent here.  I've checked google, which states that certain types of abortion (I'm not too clear on the differences at this point) have a 96-99% success rate, which means they do sometimes fail.  I gather that, with early abortions, doctors can sometimes remove tissue, and think they've stopped the pregnancy, but actually miss the important bits.  Should that happen, presumably it would take a month or two to notice?  And then, would they try another, later abortion, assuming it was within the legal time limits?  What were those limits in the early eighties?  Would it have been difficult to get an abortion?  Would the doctor have been snotty about it, and would she have been looked down on? (I was born in 88).



Complicated adoption situation

Time: 1989
Place: California/New York City (could possibly involve both)
I have no idea where to even start looking...

This situation needs to end with R, at around four years old, living in New York City with C.

It starts with the earthquake of 1989 in California. The rescue workers on Interstate 880 find a crushed car with a woman and a toddler in it. The woman is dead; the toddler is alive. The woman has no ID on her, isn't in the system for her fingerprints, and is otherwise unidentifiable. The car is unregistered and basically off the grid. The toddler is also unidentifiable, and speaks only Spanish. It's assumed that the woman is an undocumented worker.

C. is a doctor. In my original plan, he lived in NYC and then went to California to volunteer his services in the disaster, but if that makes things too complicated, he can live in the bay area in California and be either one of the doctors on the scene (would there have been doctors, or just paramedics?) or working in the emergency room at the time. In any case, he and R. become attached very quickly, and he decides that he can't abandon her to the system.

At this point, would he be able to become her foster parent? No one comes forward to identify her mother. He's a young doctor, single, but with a stable income, no criminal record or history of mental illness, and the ability to care for R. He's not above pulling some sort of trick (claiming she'd been abandoned at the hospital amidst all the confusion, say) if it would help, although he'd really prefer it if he didn't have to.

At what point could he adopt her? At what point after that would he be able to move to NYC?

If there's anything I've missed here, I would appreciate a heads up. Thanks, all.