June 7th, 2009

the quantum cat

Explosions causing deafness at a certain frequency.

Setting: Futuristic United States.

A while back I watched the movie "Children of Men." The protagonist is caught near an explosion. His ears are ringing and another character tells him to enjoy the ringing because when it goes away he'll never hear that pitch again. Is this true?

I've done a little bit of searching, but most of what I've been able to find is related to tinnitus itself and people on forums quoting the same thing. I'm not sure how to find the information that would confirm or dispel this myth.

Thanks in advance!

Googled: "explosion +ears ringing +deaf to pitch", "tinnitus from injury", "tinnitus +loud noise +deaf to frequency",

Articles read: MedicineNet.com Tinnitus article
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need to check translation on two French sentences

Hello, this is my first post so hopefully I'll get this right.

I've written a novel and need to check two sentences which appear in the text translated into French.

In the first instance, a man gives a flower to a French character and she says: Tellement très beau.

Is this the correct translation for "so very beautiful" or something to that effect?

In the second instance, a character is writing in her journal...

[in English: April 16, 1946: the Monster contacted me again]

This is what I wrote in French: 16 Avril 1946: le monstre m'a contacté encore.

Is the French correct? The "monster" is an ex-boyfriend who was involved in wartime killings of innocents.

I took French in high school but it's been a while. I checked these translations on Babelfish but that's not precise. I could not find a Usenet group dealing with translations.


Procedure of an 999 Emergency Phone Call

Hi, I'm trying to write an accurate emergency phone call to the police in modern day UK. I've searched on Google, but all I can find is the opening 'Emergency, which services?' then general procedure of giving name, location and the details of the emergency. I was really hoping to find the specific words used through the conversation so I can write it accurately. Does the operator speak after the service is given, or switch over immediately? Does the person answering give their name and location (ie. Hi, this is Constable Smith from the Wakefield Station), or just ask for information straight away? And what would they say if the person stopped responding half way through the call?

Sorry if this is really specific, and thanks for any help you can give me!
Big Gun

NYC/NYU gay clubs/bars, 1986

Good morning. I need a little help with my character's backstory, and I'm hoping someone can help me out with a little local knowledge.

So in 1986, my character was a student at NYU. He knew he was attracted to men but until then he'd been hiding it. If he wasn't sure about coming out, where could he have gone to see or meet with other gay men - not necessarily to hook up, but somewhere he'd have been able to see gay couples being affectionate?

So far I've googled:
Gay bars NYC 1986
Gay clubs NYC 1986
Gay bars NYU
Gay bars Greenwich Village 1986
Gay bathhouses 1986 (although he's fairly conservative and shy, and I don't think he'd go anywhere near a bathhouse)

So far I've turned up the interesting bit of information that the bathhouses in NYC (gay and straight) were closed down for 'public health reasons' in 1985 (the height of the AIDS panic), but not much else. There's plenty of info about the current gay scene in NYC, but virtually nothing historical.

What I'd really like to do is be able to name an actual location, eg O'Malley's, on 3rd Street.

Any help you could could give would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Injuries from charging horse

I have a scene where a character gets charged by a horse - or, to be more accurate, an Each Uisge, a type of water-horse. I know that being trampled by a horse can cause severe injuries and even death. What I'm wondering is how minor his injuries could realistically be? Could my character get off with nothing more than bruises? The Each Uisge is trying to injure him, not just trampling him by accident.

The horse/Each Uisge in question is about 17 hands tall, big and powerful. The character is a 29 year old man in good health. The setting is modern day Scotland, if that's at all relevant!

I've tried googling combinations of trampling, charging, injuries and horses. I've also read various wikipedia articles on horses, including the one on war-horses.

Thank you!