May 31st, 2009

thorton and margaret

Recovering from TB/consumption without medicine

Is it possible to recover from TB without modern medicine, or is pretty much a done deal once you've contracted the disease? I found an article stating that pre-modern medicine, only 20% recovered from the disease. ( The source seems legit, but description wise doesn't help me too much. How long does it take to for your body to naturally fight off TB? If you manage to recover from it, does that mean it was never a serious case in the first place? How long would you be bedridden overcoming it? If it's helpful, the unlucky character who has contracted it is a strong, otherwise healthy girl in 1917 Russia.

Thanks in advance for your help! I love this community.
fractured sun

A question about American common knowledge (sort of)

Setting Modern day.

I have no idea how to google this.

Basically my question is: is it plausible that a poorly educated American teenager would not know when Columbus first landed in America?

I know I had to look it up as a relatively well educated British person with little interest in history. I am wonderinhg though if in the states it is so mmuch common knowledge like for example the dates of the world wars that not knowing would seem strange.

Some background, my characters are having a conversation about wide ranging topics and it comes out that one of them doesn't know which century it was. The character is 19 fairly bright but had a pretty spotty education, poor attendence and changed schools a lot.

I had to look it up (US history was barely touched upon when I was at school) it didn't occur to me till later that his not knowing might be unlikely for a US citizen.