May 27th, 2009

Dr Who flirting with Shakespeare

looking for a religion


I'm looking for a religion and failing. Ok not for myself, for my character. She's female, early twenties and currently studying in England, after having left her parents in another English speaking country - or the north of England, it doesn't matter much. She has at least a younger sister, maybe more siblings. Her parents are strictly religious, she not so much.

She doesn't drink, though I haven't decided if this is a personal quirk or a religious one. Her parents wanted her to marry a man of the same faith (and basically set things up) but he died (in an accident) and she decided she wanted to go out and study. They call/write to her occasionally, and assume she's being a good girl (she isn't, she's going to become a vampire...)

I'm looking for a religion which would have their people marry in the early twenties, not drink, be reasonably compliant to parents wishes, and where it wouldn't be too common but also not all too frowned on for a girl to go study IT at university, though more frowned on for her to move away for said study. She's also not been sexually active yet, and I don't have any plans for her to be. She had a fairly strict upbringing but she accepts that not everyone believes the same and respects the fact other people do drink and the like.

I know its rather vague and i'm having a bit of trouble finding anything as a result.
I tried searching on catholicism, protestant church, and mormonism, but wiki pages don't seem to say what their lifestyles are like, and their own websites are mostly about the love of God..not exactly what I'm looking for. I tried walking into two churches, but one didn't seem to have anyone 'on duty' so to speak and the other tried to convert me myself.....which isn't what i'm looking for!


Edited to add: Thank you everyone, I will respond to individual posts where I can but you've given me a huge amount to think about and some very good suggestions to flesh my character out. You guys rock!

Tarahumaran/Rarámuri baby names & surnames

My story takes place in present-day Barranca del Cobre in Chihuahua, Mexico. A list of traditional Rarámuri names is ideal, but if you can offer me even a handful of first names and maybe a popular surname, that would suffice. (Please don't pluck them from news articles online; I could do that, too, but I feel uncomfortable with the idea.)

I've Googled combinations of: Tarahumara, Rarámuri, girl, baby, names, surnames. (With quotes and/or + signs interspersed.) If you have suggestions for new search terms or if you know of a resource I'm somehow missing, please let me know.

Thank you!

P.S. If you have any information or anecdotes to impart (perhaps you're related to or have visited the Rarámuri), I won't say no to those either. A lot of the experiences I find related on the Internet are heavy on the facts and light on the opinions and personal observations. I want both, if I can get 'em.

The Wild Hunt

When: midwinter this year or next.
Where: Gotham USA Nolanverse except I've wandered off
Searched: Wild hunt, wild hunt myth, wild hunt protections, wild hunt precautions

If anybody could send me to a reference about the wild hunt I would really appreciate it.

I'm trying to figure out what the Hunt would do if it were let loose in Gotham and what if anything Batman and a friendly witch could do to stop it.