May 25th, 2009

FBI teams and kids with no place to go

My scenario is in Washington D.C, 2008/09. Mysterious homicides and attacks have been reported over the past two weeks – several people with no apparent connections to each other have been killed at different times and in different places.

I’ve got two questions concerning the F.B.I –

1.       How do they work? I know there’s the stuff on TV where they have teams and stuff (like the squints in Bones and Gibbs’s team on NSIC) but how does that actually work in real life? Would a pair of Special Agents working as partners have like a particular team to work with as well? Such as, someone they have to photograph the scene, someone for the nitty-gritty CSI, someone who works in the lab, etc., or do they just call in different people who work in the Bureau when they need them?


2.       At one particular crime scene two teenagers are left alone after their father is killed (it’s a supernatural story and the attackers are vampires, but that’s not important to my question so I won’t go into detail). What I need to know is what the FBI would do with the kids after questioning them about the crime – the 15-year-old boy runs away, ditching his sister (14) and now she’s left with the investigators. Contact is yet to be made with the children’s mother, who is, as far as the children know, living in California. The FBI goes and searches for the boy but what would they do with the girl in the meantime? If it was only for a day or two that the boy was missing would she stay at the Bureau or something? Or would she just be carted off to a social worker?

I've googled stuff on the FBI and how they work, and things like child protection but since I don't really know what to look for I'm not getting anywhere....


Thanks in advance.

non-family custody of children

Time: 1994
Place: South Dakota, US
Googled: child custody (got way too many divorce hits), mental illness, parental rights; SD laws on parental rights, involuntary commitment, etc. (any suggestions for better search terms appreciated)

Question: My character is mentally ill, a widower, and has two tween-age children. He has a best friend (not a blood relative) who wants him committed because he is posing a danger to the children. Can that friend get custody of the children? If so, how? (Would he need the father's permission? Would he need to work with CPS, have a home study, and be approved as a foster parent?) (And my googling suggests that the character wouldn't be committed for longer than several months, and then be treated on an outpatient basis. Assuming this is correct, his friend would like to keep custody of the children, for their sake, until my character is well back on his feet and able to take care of them).

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Regarding sexual intercourse and gunshot injury

I have a character who gets shot in the upper chest on the left-side and the right lower abdomen near the hip/thigh joint. Its at least 6-8 months before he gets involved in another relationship. He and his girlfriend are sexual and this is where problems begin to arise, since their relationship is not normal.

I have tried searching "having sex with gunshot wounds", "difficulty with gunshot injury and sexual intercourse?", etc. but the results I'm getting are gunshot wounds to the genitals or with other material that seems irrelevant. When my characters are attempting to have sex or are fooling around, there is obvious pain involved, but what kind I'm not sure.

My question is are there any other key words I can get that would maybe lead me in the direction I'm looking for?
eat some sushi get fat

Russian women's underwear, 1940's.

Time: Basically the 1940's, though it's AU, so the timeline is a little wronky.
Place: A larger city in Russia, say .. St. Petersburg.
Googled: "vintage underwear," "40's underwear", "vintage 40's underwear", "what women wore for underwear in 1940's" (I was getting desperate).

So basically, what's happening is this. There's a party happening, and a soldier and the general's daughter meet on the balcony. The general's daughter is wearing a fancy gown-type thing, very elegant but also semi-tight. After a brief moment of witty repartee, the two depart for the general's daughter's room, where they proceed to get down and dirty.

My question is thus -- considering this image, which are panels from the comic on which the story is based (for those of you concerned, yes, I do have permission), what would the general's daughter -- the one on the bottom -- be wearing as far as underwear? She appears to be wearing some variety of garter belt, which leads me to believe that it's something like this, but I am uncertain. Help me, little_details, you are my only hope!

edit: Two things, for clarity. First, the St. Petersburg reference was a size comparison, nothing more. It doesn't take place during WWII, necessarily, nor even necessarily in Russia. Second, this is very much an AU story, so .. as much as I appreciate learning about invasions during WWII, it isn't relevant to the question, which is simply regarding undergarments.