May 23rd, 2009

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Asthma Treatment In An Emergency Room/Is It Possible To Convincingly Fake An Asthma Attack?

I'm writing a story that takes place in New York City, in 2002. My character is a teenage boy who is asthmatic but is faking an asthma attack. I checked google, and the tags for this community, but I was unable to find anything particularly useful. I'm actually really confused as to why I can't find anything about the first part of my question, since it seems fairly basic, but I've been trying various keywords "asthma treatment" "asthma emergency room" "asthma hospital" and so on, and I haven't found anything. Also looked up 'asthma' on a couple of medical websites, but none of them really answered my question. (If I missed anything in the tags here, please forgive me.)

Anyway, my questions are as follows.

1) How are asthma attacks treated in an emergency room setting?

2) Is it possible for someone to fake an asthma attack and for emergency room workers not to pick up on this? Is the faking more likely to be overlooked if the person is actually asthmatic? How dangerous would it be to receive treatment when one is not actually having an attack? Also, what would one have to do in order to fake one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been stuck researching for ages now, and I really want to just get on with the story, but I can't until I figure this out. Thanks in advance!

Gunshot wound that an unequipped doctor of 1919 can't fix

I am writing a sci-fi/detective novel.
The scene is set in an English forest, mid autumn, 1919. A woman has been shot - fatally - and I need her to be conscious and take a long time to die. The only other person present is a doctor who cannot save her because of the nature of her wound and lack of equipment &/or assistance, taking into account that he has all the knowledge of an ex-WW1 medic.

BUT, later, when the doctor has access to a time machine he goes back and saves her... so she needs to be salvageable.

What kind of injury would be appropriate? The woman needs to be capable of coherent speech - even if she is in terrible pain - and the wound is inflicted by a single bullet from a revolver.

French euphemism for a gay man

Set in present day U.S., alternate universe but that's not really relevant. The character in question is a Parisian woman in her late 30s.

Googled: French slang for gay, variations thereof. Considered asking my more-bilingual-than-I-am friends, but everyone I know speaks Québecois French. Searching turned up "tepette" but I have no idea if this is a term that people use.

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