May 22nd, 2009

Strongest painkiller one could find in a French hospital

Vampire is at an 11 on her pain scale but needs excessive pain meds to get any relief. I currently have her on morphine (and lots of it), but she's going to need something stronger soon. They're currently hiding in a closed off section of a hospital. The setting is France, 2000 or 2001.

What sort of pain killers could her partner easily steal for her? Getting into safes or past people is not an issue. He's just going to disappear and return with the meds and he has super powers even for a vampire. However, I know hydrocodone isn't available in Europe. The drug can be legal or not, but it needs to actually be "widely" available in France around the turn of the (recent) century. Something like Dilaudid would be ideal, but I can't tell if it's available in France!

I searched Google, Wikipedia, and various med sites (epocrates, etc.) for terms such as "strongest [prescription] painkiller France/Europe" and various different drugs + France. I mostly found articles about codeine OTC or buying drugs "online without a prescription!"-- not what I'm looking for.

Thank so much. :)

ETA: Solved, thanks so much! A huge thank you to everyone, especially Snakeling! Turns out they do have hydromorphone (Dilaudid) in France and have since 1998. Phew.
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Waking from a coma

Setting: Sci-fi Japan, year unknown (it's fanfiction set in the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds universe, for those who might be familiar).
I need to know: . . . sorry, this is a little TL;DR. Basically, the character, Crow, is fighting against a group called the Dark Signers (if you're not in fandom, all you need to know is they are very magical and Very Bad News). He has to shut off a gigantic surrealist machine called Momentum, and while doing so he gets caught between Rudger (the leader of the Dark Signers) and the only way out, there's a large scuffle involving both magical and more mundane means, Crow falls, head injuries are imminent, and out go the lights. He's in a coma for two weeks. The way I have the story set up, he needs to be able to walk (albeit slowly and not perfectly) three months later. Is that even possible, and what kinds of things can he expect (physically and mentally) as he recovers?

Sources: I actually went straight to my mother, who's in the medical profession. It's from her that I learned about the probable difficulties walking and potential short-term memory problems, but she was a little hazy on specific answers to the above questions (possibly because she's not entirely clear on the concept of author's license).

Criminal Psychologist interviews and police involvement

Hi.  I was referred here by a friend, and I'm hoping someone will be able to help me.

I know criminal psychologists work in various places, including mental institutes and prisons, but how often and how intimately can they work with the police?  They can work solely in prisons, but can their job revolve around police stations and police specifically?

Also, during interviews with criminals, specifically those identified with violent acts, does anyone know how the interview process and documentation works?  And what are the rules for their "clients"?

*^__^*  Any help would be awesome.  Thank you.

ETA: CPs in America, please.  Sorry about that.

Jungle Acclimatisation - Experiences

Once again, I come asking for actual experiences, because this is where the net often falls short. I have searched many combinations of jungle acclimatisation and acclimatization and have found a few blogs mentioning experiences, and others giving tips for preparation, but nothing went beyond "hot and humid" "dehydrated" etc. I am hoping that I might get a glimpse here into what it feels to suddenly be in jungle climate and be forced to be physically active without acclimatisation.

My character is young, around 21, physically fit but no superman (young squaddie) and on his second or third day in the jungle (alternating between primary and secondary jungle) when forced to be physically very active, when things go wrong.

I need to know what it feels like, how one pushes oneself against exactly what; what it is like to keep going against the heat and humidity. Is one short of breath? Does one sweat buckets? (I presume one does) Does one struggle to keep hydrated? (again, I presume one does) Do the joints ache more than in a different environment?

Any and all experience of the jungle environment is greatly appreciated.

Yuno - Bloody Heart

Treatment/Effects of Broken Wrists

Setting: America, present-day. Takes place during a zombie epidemic, but the character in question is taken to a fully equipped, functional military hospital (which she visits often, in case there's an issue of whether she can come back to it for further treatment).

The character is a 20 year old female in great health. Both her wrists are broken in a twisting fashion (enemy is holding her by the wrists, she twists around to kick him, which breaks her wrists). My main questions are how this would be treated (would surgery be recommended/required? What other treatment would be possible? Would they give her stints? I want her in casts, but I planned for her to get the casts a few days or so later, so would that be realistic?), how long it would take the wrists to heal, and exactly how much these injuries would limit the use of her hands (for example, could she use or wiggle her fingers? Would it be at all possible for her to drive a car after she was initially treated by a doctor, as in before she gets surgery/casts?).

I tried googling "broken wrists", "effects of broken wrists", "types of broken wrists", and "treatment for broken wrists". Mostly I found things describing possible treatments, but they all said things like "depending on what kind of break it was", but never elaborate on which kinds of breaks require which kinds of treatments. The majority of the information I found focused on breaks resulting from falling on an outstretched hand, which I imagine would be different from the kind of breaks my character experiences.

Thanks in advance!