May 20th, 2009

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Treating Head Wounds (inflicted by a gun/bullet/revolver) in Victorian England

Setting/timeline: Victorian England, about 1890s or so

Terms used and searched: Victorian treatment of head wounds, gunshot wounds treatment, Victorian medicine and assorted and related words; searched through the comm's archive as well. And I've gotten a few ideas, but not quite the ones I need.

So my independent consulting detective got shot at during one of his cases. The shot grazes him on the head. I need him to be bleeding a lot, and unconscious, but the wound doesn't need to be very bad (perhaps it may require stiches). 

Basically, I need my detective to get injured and unconcious but not badly enough to be serious.

My questions are:
  • I heard and read head wounds bleed a lot. I am however, unsure if a bullet grazing the head would be enough to knock someone out. How can I make my character go unconcious without making his medical condition worse? Also, how far does the shooter have to be to inflict this injury without shattering/fracturing my character's skull? 
  • How would someone go about treating a wound like this at that time (Victorian era)? Would it be any different to the first aid/medical treatment we would do today? My character's companion is a medical student and experienced in treating minor injuries, but nothing quite like this. Would something like this require a trip to the hospital or would a doctor/surgeon do?
Thankl you in advance!