May 16th, 2009


woodworker terminology

Setting: Alternate world with early Renaissance technology level (more or less.)

One of my protagonists is a fiteen-year-old boy who wants to be a carpenter. At least that's what I thought he wanted to be. He lives in a city-state where wood is a fairly rare luxury material, and his idol is a man whose workshop that specializes in fine furniture and ornamental work (like moulding, railings, etc).

However, my boyfriend assures me that carpenters only build buildings or ships, and what I mean is a cabinetmaker. I don't mean a cabinetmaker, though - the profesion I'm referring to is broader than that. Can anyone suggest a better term? I recognize that this workshop will probably contain specialists - turners, joiners, etc - with their own job titles, but there must be a term that covers all of them. "Woodworker" is a possibility, but it's vague and inelegant.

The Wikipedia page on carpentry has a bunch of potential job titles, but they are confusingly presented.

Search terms: "terms for carpenter," "carpenter woodworker," "historical job carpenter," and silly things of that sort.