May 15th, 2009


Karate belts

I have a character who's a teenage boy. He was doing karate from about age seven (I've never said what age he started, I'm kinda flexible on that) until he was almost sixteen. He's not a super-star or anything but he's pretty good. I've been able to find lists of the different-colored belts, but what I need to know is which belt would have been a likely color for him to have been when he stopped. All I seem to be able to find is lists, or things that go into way too much detail. I don't know really anything about karate, and frankly for this, I don't really need to, since it's all in his past. I'm just being obsessively nitpicky and wanting to know what belt he would have been.

Edit: Lots of people are saying that it depends on what type of school he's at. I don't know what type he's been at, but I do know that he's been at several. He moved around a ton (army brat) til he was thirteen, so for the first big chunk of his karate time, he was at a different school pretty much every year. I'm gonna go with either brown belt or jr black belt, I believe. Is jr black belt the same as first degree black belt? I've seen both those responses.

Plays involving babies?

Does anybody know any plays about babies? Or where a baby/pregnant woman is centrally important? It can't be a movie, it has to be theatre.

Basically, I have a wife trying to subtly tell her husband that she is pregant without actually telling him. I'd love for them to go see a play which hints at what she's going to reveal.

Googled: plays about babies, theatre + baby

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amateur performance in Boston Common

Place: Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Time period: contemporary (~2009)

I have a young (college-aged) beginning rock band who want to record their first music video. It's completely an amateur affair; one digital camcorder, no crew to speak of, pretty much everything done by they themselves. It's likely not going to turn out very well, but they'll try.

They want to record a significant chunk of the video in the Boston Common. What I can't find out is whether there's any special hoops they'll have to jump through in order to make that happen. I Googled every possible combination and variation of "Boston" "Massachusetts" "Boston Common" and "busking laws" I could think of; I managed to find a discussion on a busking forum that suggests they'd be fine as long as they don't use amps and they don't block the sidewalks, but it dated '05 and also discussed an upcoming (at the time) ordinance that might make even that illegal. As hard as I try, I can't seem to find whether that ordinance ever passed.

So there's the question: would the boys be all right spending an afternoon rocking the Common and recording it, or would they need to get permits, or should I give up and find them somewhere else to perform?
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Turn of the century etiquette/propriety

I've managed to mostly answer my own questions using some amazing google-fu, I just wanted to be certain since the Internet can't speak up and tell me "Yes, this page is 100% right!"

Time: 1900s (around 1903-4 to be more exact)
Place: Ithaca, New York

Gentleman A offers his coat to the chilled Miss A, a friend of the family who's travelling with them. I've got that part down, but how does she put it on? Does she drape it over her shoulders or actually stick her arms in the sleeves? (Stupid detail, but I'm a little pedantic sometimes.)

This got me much more vague information - would it raise any eyebrows at all if Miss A and Miss B fell asleep in the same bed? In a completely non-sexual way, one was just comforting the other and they dozed off. I know siblings did it (or entire families sometimes,) but they're not siblings. If it is actually a no-no situation, no one's going to find them, it's more of a, one of them wakes up and thinks "Oh, well this looks rather...not good."