May 11th, 2009

Out-processing, US Marines....

I may have to change the subject line. However. What I'm trying to discover is - if you are current US Marine/Reservist, and are being discharged, where in Iraq would your out-processing begin? I'm trying to figure out where Marines leave the country from. Al Asad Airfield? An airfield in Kuwait?

And when they leave, do they go east or west to get to the US? Does that depend on their final destination or the last base they were stationed at Stateside, or are they *all* discharged through the same US base?

Thank you!

Telling fortunes with playing cards

I have a character who's doing a seven-card spread... he ends up with these seven cards. I just wanted to check with the community and see if this sounded reasonable (it does to me from what I've researched) and if there are any combinations here than also mean something, or if there are any hidden meanings I've missed.

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hospital treatment for hand injuries

Setting: present day USA

Okay, so I've got a character who has been:

a) Drugged without his consent with (non-lethal amount of) a sedative of some kind, probably something like GHB.
b) After falling on a floor covered in broken glass and using his hands to break his fall, has ended up with glass embedded in them.
c) Has a fever after the wounds on his hands become infected (according to Google, it is possible for signs of an infected wound to show after 2-3 hours, but if anyone thinks this is unlikely, or that the injuries as I described them wouldn't have gotten infected, let me know).

I'm trying to find out what exactly would be done with my character when he was taken to hospital roughly half an hour after the hand injuries were sustained, and one or two hours after the drug was administered. Things like: where would they take him first, would they pump his stomach or not, would an overnight stay be necessary?

I have done some research on Wikipedia and Google, typing in things like "glass embedded in hands hospital treatment" etc but it's quite to hard to find out exactly what would be done given that it's in conjunction with him being drugged and the wounds becoming infected.

In case it's helpful and/or relevant: my character is male, late twenties, about six foot and in good physical condition.

I know this is all quite complicated, so hopefully someone can help me! My medical knowledge (as you can probably tell) is basically non-existent.