May 4th, 2009

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Boer language, 1880

Would a Boer during the First Boer War (1880) speak Afrikaans or Dutch? I've looked at the Wikipedia pages for Boers, the First Boer War, Afrikaner, Afrikaans, and so forth. And done googling for Boer language 1880 and variations thereof. Some sites are telling me that my Boer farmer would speak Dutch, others tell me that they'd be speaking Afrikaans, and one lone site is telling me he'd be speaking a primitive form of Afrikaans that was probably a lot closer to Dutch than Afrikaans.

The character is an adult male farmer, a Boer, born and raised in South Africa.
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84th St., NYC

Hi everyone. I'm looking for information on 84th Street in New York City. I'm writing a fanfic with a character who supposedly lived on that street in the '40s and '50s, and I need to know where it is (I think it's near Central Park in Manhattan, isn't it?) and what sort of neighborhood it would have been at that time. Upper-class, working-class, ethnic? I have a feeling the canon may be wrong on this issue (not surprising if it is, but I'd like to get it right if possible). Sorry, but I know very little about NYC.

I have tried Googling 84th St. + New York City; New York City neighborhoods; boroughs of New York, 1940's. I got mostly travel information and ads for maps and atlases. I also tried a recent Fodor's guide for the city (couldn't find one from the time), but couldn't get much more than a rough idea of where the street is. Can anyone help?

ETA: Thanks to everyone for all your help. It sounds like 84th St. in Manhattan, pretty far to the west of Central Park, would fit my guy better than anything else. I appreciate y'all's prompt assistance!
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Rules and conditions for teens living in group homes in the 1950's (or today, failing that)

I'm writing a story in which the protagonist is living in a New Jersey group home for "problem children" (not necessarily delinquents) in the early 1950's. I'm trying to find out what life would be like for the residents of a group home around this time: Would they be allowed to leave the premises on their own, where would they attend school, what would they be allowed to do within the home's walls, etc.

Also, were group homes in this era likely to be privately run, or did state sponsorship of orphanages/group homes/ etc increase before this point? For story purposes I've made the home a privately owned institution that began as a workhouse in the 1800's, but a better knowledge of how homes were funded in the 50's will help me when I write other things for this particular fandom. If no one has any information on group homes in the 50's, info on group homes nowadays would be helpful as well. I've tried googling for rules typical for a group home, but the sites I've found only mention that rules exist, not what they are.

One more thing: if a teen were to flee a group home during this era, would the home look for them?

Search terms used: 50's group home, foster care 1950's, "group home" rules, "group home" regulations
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Sex with Glasses

I have a rather personal question to ask.

For glasses wearers - do you take off your glasses during sex? What about spontaneous sex? Or rough sex? Or rough, spontaneous sex?

I have a modern-day 17 yr old girl who wears glasses, and I need for her first sexual experience to be extremely awkward. I know there's a billion other things, but her glasses have bothered me. So. I would appreciate any and all information about glasses and sex mishaps.

EDIT: WOW. Thanks so much for all the candid responses! I surely have enough to work with.
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