May 3rd, 2009


Austrian Architecture in Sarajevo

Hi all

I've got a bit of a tricky one here that's not easy to research. I'm writing some scenes that takes place in/around the Konak Building in Sarajevo, and I want to mention what style of architecture the building is. However, English language information on the building is patchy at best (it took a while to find the correct name and make sure it actually existed!) and I can't find a site that says anything about the style.

I know it was built while Bosnia was under Austro-Hungarian rule, which would be late 1800s, but as for naming the style of architecture, it's not something I know anything about and I've got no idea how to identify it!

If anyone could advise the name of the style is, or where I can find more information, it would be a great help! :)

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Searched combinations of Konak, Konak Residence, Vila Konak, Konak Building, Sarajevo, Bosnia, Architecture, Austrian.

Many thanks for any help!
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Performing an autopsy

I have a short story I want to write and I need some info. I guess I don't watch enough CSI and the like. I need to know what kinds of things a coroner would say and do while performing an autopsy, and my Google-fu is failing me on this one. Any help is greatly appreciated.

United States is the setting.