May 1st, 2009

Tea and record

Websites and search engines?

I have used this community on many occasions, and have received very useful advice. I try my best to my own research before requesting help, but sometimes I don't know where to go. The extent of my searches usually involve wikipedia and google, but I know those aren't the only places that I could go to online.

And so, I ask as a general research-based question, for my own use and for everyone else interested, what other websites or search engines do you use for general-based topics? What do you use for specific subjects?

Travelling by Road and Rail in the Old West - resource list

I've been writing about a character travelling from Boston to San Francisco in 1870, on the newly opened Great Transcontinental Railroad route. I have amassed a massive amount of useful information on the Railroads and Stagecoaches that I thought I'd share.

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