April 27th, 2009


How long a person's scent remains on their clothing

My character finds his lover's old sweatshirt a month or two after the lover's death, and I was wondering whether he'd still be able to smell the lover's scent on the clothing or not by that point.  It's been stored in a military locker, and the lover didn't wear any cologne and only smoked very, very occasionally.

I've tried various Google searches, and all I've gotten are websites about how long scent lasts that a canine can track.

Thanks for your help!

Switching Specialty

How hard would it be for someone with a specialty in pediatric oncology to switch to a specialty in pediatrics? How would this be done?

This is set in the House MD 'verse, and it's following an accident that leaves the character in question paralyzed from the waist down and with significant speech impairment. Would the disability be a factor?

Would any hospital be likely to have whatever internship/fellowship would be required?

Googled: switching specialty pediatric oncology to pediatrics (in various forms and quotations), pediatric oncology specialty requirements, pediatric specialty requirements.
[robin hood] marian

Actresses in English Mystery/Miracle Plays

Terms searched: "history actress", "actress mystery play", "women mystery play"; have looked at Wikipedia.

Setting: Basically, mid-Tudor England.

What I'm wondering is - would it be outside the realm of possibility for a traveling band of mystery players to incorporate a few female actors? They stick to quite rural areas, so I was thinking it might not be too reprehensible; the few pages I've found that do mention the sex of actors seems to say that there possibly/probably wasn't a moral reason they didn't act and anyway, the character could easily be a seamstress or set-mover or something. But I'd like her to work on the stage, as long as that wouldn't be totally anachronistic.

ETA: Apparently I meant secular plays!