April 26th, 2009

Ships used for polar expeditions in 19th century

Setting: Fantasy, so there is some leeway, but I want this detail to be relatively close to reality.
Googled: various combinations of "north pole, expedition, ship, arctic ocean" and a few historic names

Okay, this is going to be pretty specific.
I'm planning on drawing a comic, which has a small sequence that takes place on the northpole. My problem is finding reference for ships that would have been used in the 19th century for exploring the north pole. If possible, I want it to be rather small. A steering wheel would be important as well, so I would need some "indoor shots" as well.

I've searched wikipedia and google for famous expeditions and tried finding pictures of the ships used by researching both their names and the names of the captains.
Either I'm doing it wrong (which could be the case, since I have no idea about ships and such) or I'm making it too specific. But I fear that the only thing I could change would be the time frame :/ 18th century or 20th century would be okay as well, but I really want it to be 19th century

Uhm, and I'm sorry in case this post is not understandable XD English is my second language.

Permanent damage from dislocated shoulder

I'm trying to find specific information on shoulder dislocation.

The story is a fantasy, but the setting has medical technology roughly equivalent to that of mid-17th Century Western medicine.  Suturing and disinfecting practices are a bit more advanced than in that time period, but no invasive elective surgery.  A 15 year old boy has suffered an anterior dislocation of his non-dominant shoulder three times over the course of a month.

My questions:

1) What permanent damage can be suffered after repeated shoulder dislocation at a young age?  I've read 10-15 different pages on "shoulder dislocation," tried Googling "dislocated shoulder permanent damage," and read the Wikipedia page on shoulder dislocation.  All the pages I've found are very high-level and mention only that permanent damage may result, that the joint is destabilized, and that surgery may be needed.  Since shoulder surgery isn't an option for my character, I need to find out a) What parts of the joint become damaged, b) What this means for his mobility and his health, c) whether this will cause chronic pain for the rest of his life, and if so, d) what that pain will be like (constant, only with certain movements, dull, sharp, etc.).

2) If he's badly damaged the joint, would he still be suffering reduced mobility, weakness, and significant pain, 2-3 weeks after his second dislocation?