April 25th, 2009

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Travel on horseback AND assassin weapons?

So, I have two questions.

Setting: Fantasy country, loosely based off of 11th-13th century Europe, a little larger than modern-day France.

Research done: Googling "travel across france horseback" and variations thereupon.

Situation: I have three characters that need to travel from the south-east corner/region of the country to the north-west region of the country on horseback in late summer. Several months later (autumn, early winter), another three characters travel THE SAME ROUTE, also on horseback. Both Group A and Group B travel vigorously, but also stop to rest and are periodically delayed (attacked, etc.). Including the rest time, but WITHOUT the periodic delays, about how long would it take for each group to make the journey (I'm assuming that the time required would be different with the changes in weather)?

My second question has the same setting.

Research done: Googling "11th century assassin weapons," "medieval assassin weapons," etc.

Situation: Along the way to the north-west region of the fantasy country, Group B (from the previous question) meets a man who works as a thief/assassin (rogue?). I need to know what kind of weapons he would carry. Did medieval assassins and thieves prefer a certain type of weapon other than the stereotypical sword/dagger?
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Chinese myths/superstitions regarding albinism.

I have a Chinese woman in her mid-twenties who has OCA1a type albinism. In other words, essentially no pigment in skin, hair, and eyes. I've found plenty of good information regarding the physical nature of the condition, but I'm having trouble getting culture-specific myths/superstitions/misconceptions. I've mostly been finding general things, like, 'many cultures believe people with albinism have supernatural powers,' but what I need are specific beliefs in China. If they differ by region, I'm flexible on what part of the country she comes from.

The story is in a modern world with magic, so I can fudge a bit, but I'd prefer to ground the attitudes of people around her in real myths as much as possible. Legends and stuff now considered outdated are fine, since I may still be able to adapt it to the story's world. Also, now that I think about it, if anyone has anything on this that's UK-specific, that would also be helpful, as a later part of the story takes place in London.

Terms searched: various permutations of "albinism," "albino," "myths," "superstitions," "misconceptions," "legends," "china." I also read the wiki entry on albinism and looked through tags on this comm.
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Regency guardianship

Setting: Regency England, 1815-1818
Already googled: Regency Guardianship, regency guardian.

A gentleman and his wife depart for Egypt, leaving their fourteen year old daughter in the charge of his sister, and her husband. They're going to be away for a considerable amount of time, and won't be back for her Season. Would it be possible for the man to write a legal document, giving his brother-in-law the ability to consent to her marriage, in his place?