April 20th, 2009

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Information on legal drugs and their side-effects / consequences

Hello little_details,

I don't have a question, but I have a source of information that some of you might find useful, as I've seen several questions with people asking for a specific type of drug that will enable a character to suffer certain consequences (eg. dying, going into a comatose, etc.) without the drug itself being extremely dangerous.

The Consumerist has an entry on 9 Legal Drugs (in the US) with Extremely Disturbing Side Effects. The threads in the comments section is also useful in finding out how other drugs have some adverse side-effects in patients. The info is very anecdotal, but it should be able to give you a good picture of what kind of drugs to use if you need to inflict a little death or torture to your characters.

I hope you find the link useful!

Name That Learning Disability/Impairment!

So I'm writing a story in which I have an 8 year old girl who is disabled, but I have no idea what the proper terms would be/ if there is one currently.
Timeline: Set in present day, your average metropolitain city 2009/10
Character is: Lacking in Basic Interactive Communication Skills (which, as best I can Google means that she's delayed with 'playground English' or Survival English), hypersensitive to noise (SPD- Sensory Processing Disorder), doesn't like strange people or situations and highly gifted learningwise. Has Autistic tendancies (obsessions, fixations, learning delays and aversion to eye-contact and touch), but I can't accuraely call her Autistic...

Maybe she has several Ld's? IT's pretty flexible right now seeing as I can't accurately represent this kid

So, anyone know their learning delays? Or something that sort of fits...

Googled: BICS+developmental delays+SPD, Learning Disabilities, Learning Delays... I tried but it's hard to know what to Google as well- if anyone has any ideas, be my guest and share ^.^
Have A Background in: Commmonly diagnosed learning delays/disabilities, common behavioral issues of young children

Hopefully I did this right...*crosses fingers*