April 17th, 2009

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Price of silk stockings in post-WW II London

I've tried googling the above phrase and a few variations of it, but struck out. Can anyone tell me about how much a pair of nice ladies' silk stockings would have cost in London, circa 1949? Would they be readily available, or would the black market have come into play? I know many things were rationed in England in the first years after the war.

ETA: Thanks to all who replied! Your answers were very helpful! I may have my character switch to nylons...
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MOD POST: No, seriously, I mean it.

This is getting annoying.

The posting rules are listed on the user info, in what I think is very clear language. If there are any questions, I always welcome you to ask them. These rules are not just there because the mods felt there needed to be rules; they were made to address problems in the community.

In other words, following the posting rules is not optional.

I have always approved posts that have minor problems, such as google keywords or subject lines missing, and instead just asked the poster to edit. However, lately, more people have been just ignoring those requests.

Making edits requested by a mod is also not optional.

I'll give you some time, and then I'll temp-ban you until you contact me and tell me that you're ready to edit. If by that time you've forgotten your google keywords, then I might unban you, but you certainly will not have any of your posts approved again unless they follow all of the rules.

Old-Timey Underpants

(I'm first going to note that this isn't for writing; this is for a sewing project.  I've seen similar posts around here where it's not for writing but other details.)

In about a month, I'm going to be attending a fancy vintage underwear party.  I'd like to make my costume.

I just can't seem to find pictures of 1920's women's underwear.  I'll admit that I'm a little bit shy about using Google's image search with the word "underwear" in the search box!  (I did, though... and got nothing useful. )

Searches I've used include:

Searching undergarments and 1920's fashion with wikipedia to look for outside references.
Searching "1920 undergarment*" in Google
Searching "1920 underwear" in Google (got this interesting page:  http://www.1920-30.com/fashion/1920s-underwear.html which doesn't have clear enough pictures to use.)

I'm more interested in photographs than pattern drawings, as I think they're much easier to interpret into draping, but at this point, anything would be good.

(Also:  I do just want to point out that I feel very strange asking the internet to help me find pictures of underwear.  Isn't that what the internet is FOR?)

Multiple murder events in 18th/19th century New England (and accounts thereof)

Place: A small New England town, not isolated but never a major population center.
Time: Two different time periods: the first is somewhere between 1780 and 1860 (and preferably between 1800 and 1840); the second is the present day.

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