April 8th, 2009

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I want to remind everyone that little_details is here for questions about factual accuracy, not for other kinds of writing advice. Only post here if you're looking for information about the real world.

To give you a more concrete example, let's say you're writing a story where a character is accused of witchcraft. You've come to the scene where she's interrogated and are looking for inspiration.

This question would be on topic: "I found x, y, z. What are some other ways that people tested for witchcraft?" This question would not: "Help me come up with new ways to test her for witchcraft!"

Questions? Comments? Cake?
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Lifehouse archive dates in 2005

Setting: LA 2005

I'm getting really frusterated. I found an archive of dates of what lifehouse did in 2005 from their site but when I tried to go to it, it wouldn't come up. Doing research for writuing can be a bitch

I've Googled: lifehouse tour dates in 2005 and all things similiar but have come to the conculsion that it just can't be searched. I even found a site one time that was pretty detailed but it's long since been taken down. What I need are dates from March 2005 - on. Preferably day by day if possible. I do know that for like two weeks or a month they did radio interviews starting on the 18th but beyond that I have nothing. Please help.
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If Japan were a girl, what would her name be?

I'm doing an allegorical fable in which nations are characters. The United States is Sam. Russia is either Boris or Ivan. Great Britain (mostly England-centric) is Jack or John. And so forth. The perfectly obvious names. I'm casting Japan as female. What could her name be? (Addendum: I'm sure this sort of allegory has been done, so in those, regardless of gender, what personification of Japan has there been?)

EDIT: The suggestions have been awesome. I feel I should explain the little allegorical story a bit more: This is the story of a young man named Sam, who after a bad experience has settled down with a girl named Clara despite her parents' distrust of his intentions. His friend Jack, with whom he has a special relationship, comes to him for help from a seductive and violent Hans. Hans, meanwhile, is romancing [insert female character symbolizing Japan]. The story ends with Sam hooking up with [female Japan] as Clara looks on sadly wondering what had happened to the boy who said he loved her. That's the context, and I realize now perhaps I need a better German name...

It's not a for-serious story, more like a fable I can use to refer to in other writing.

EDIT2: Keep 'em coming people!

Searched: common Japanese names, common Japanese female names, symbolic Japanese name

Teetotaler writing about alcohol: Numbness?

I'm writing a story in which my two main characters will kiss while drunk out of their minds. The question is: How numb can someone's lips can become from drinking alcohol? Like, is it possible to be drunk enough to not to feel it when someone bites you? I could find out about this one on my own, but it's been ages since I last drank and I don't want to start now.

Thanks in advance!

ETA: Thank you all. Your answers really helped me.

Pre-modern fire ruins, or, Fire Aftermath


Because I apparently like having things burn down, I've come across having to write this situation several times in various stories. Fortunately, I've never experienced a house fire, and so I'd like to check the details of it.

Question: What are the ruins of a building like directly after a fire? Probably no longer than the next day after the fire?

Googled: fire aftermath, procedure after house fire, house fire medieval, firefighting pre-modern, effects of fire on stone house, what to do after house fire, cleaning up after house fire. I also went through the tags (architecture, arson, catastrophes, firefighting, fires).

Setting: Fantasy world, so basic medieval technology. There's the capability of using water magic to fight the fire, but it wouldn't be the same strength as a fire hose and they'd have to get pretty close, so it probably doesn't help much in this situation. I have two fairly isolated burned places, both attacked via army or mob, so no one's making bucket chains or trying to prevent other property from being damaged. Basically they're left to burn.

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I hope that makes sense! Thank you in advance!

ETA: Thank you all for the great info and ideas! I'll probably have to change some things around, but at least it will be more realistic now!
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Mange-like disease in reptiles

I'm writing a fantasy novel that is using a creature called an alphyn that's essentially a wolf with a dragon's belly and forefeet.

I am looking for a reptile equivalent to mange. I've tried googling "lizard skin disease", which lead me mostly to eczema, "snake skin disease", "reptile skin disease", which mentioned mites, and "reptile mange", which was not helpful at all. The closest I've come to is mites. Is there any disease out there that causes reptiles to shed scales kind of the way mange sheds fur?
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Ammunition to Pierce Kevlar IIA Vest

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Searched: Wikipedia & Google (Teflon rounds, Kevlar-piercing rounds, metals in ammunition, types of Kevlar)


I'm working on a fic and would really appreciate your help.

I have two police officers in a small theatre (approximately 45x60 feet) with a catwalk 20 feet above the stage floor (for access to rigging lights). The perpetrator fires at the cops across the stage, from the catwalk, with a semi-automatic pistol. I want the perp to fire a Glock 35 with .40 cal ammo, because he'd have easy access to one, and the cops are carrying Glock-34 9mm models. I want the firefight to be fairly equal.

With the perp using that weapon, in the proximity I have outlined, can he fire a fatal shot through a Kevlar vest with a IIA protection rating? I'm at least looking for a potentially-fatal through and through to the arm (which wouldn't be protected by the vest) or the shoulder (without having to resort to the old "hit through the shoulder seam" excuse).

If a Glock 35 with .40 cal ammo wouldn't do it, what combination of semi-automatic plus ammo would I have to use? It has to be a semi-auto because it's in a dark theatre and the perp won't hit his targets the first time.