April 7th, 2009

Love Never Fails

German Translation, please!

I'm writing a brutal fight scene that takes place in a bathroom in a seedy bar. Character A catches character B by surprise and tries to choke him into unconsciousness. B fights back, body-slamming A all over the place. B whips out his belt intending to choke A to death with it and yells in German:

"I don't know who you are . . . but I'm going to kill you, you bastard. Let's see how you like it."

Later on, A turns the tables on B again and B says in German:

"Who the fuck are you? What do you want?"

Then A uses B's belt to choke him until he blacks out. End scene. So, would anyone happen to know enough German to translate those two lines for me? Thanks so much!


Escaping from one's own house

Setting: Anytown, U.S., present day. The house in question is in a quiet suburban neighbourhood.

I drew a blank on search terms, but I did read this cool book recently. However, none of the advice therein applied to residential areas.

The main character is at home when the cops knock on his door. They've just figured out that he is not who he claims to be, and invite him down to the station to discuss his brand new charges of using a false identity. I need him to escape, quickly, and by doing something clever and sneaky rather than, say, punching out the cops and making a break for it.

I should also add that said character is in his early 50s and fat, so climbing out of his kitchen window isn't really an option.

ETA: The location is still flexible. It needs to be somewhere that gets cold at least occasionally, but that leaves a pretty broad spectrum of possibilities.
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Curing lycanthropy and related things

Subject: A good part-physical, part-mystical/metaphysical/whatever cure for lycanthropy (the actual turning-into-a-monster-once-a-month thing, not the medical delusion) that somehow works with the overall plot and themes of my werewolf story
Setting: Modern world, as far as I know; might be in Alaska, where I live, or somewhere similar, at least to the extent that wolves should be around in the wild and it would make sense for the family in question to have a semi-remote cabin in the mountains for camping and stuff. I guess it isn't quite our world in that the existence of werewolves is slightly more accepted, maybe the way the existence of ghosts is kind-of-not-really accepted today.
Searches: I have been researching this a lot, because I wanted my character to be able to sift through all the folkloric cures and not find anything that works, and then because this actually turned into my undergrad thesis: part werewolf story, part academic look at folklore and pop culture about lycanthropy. Running water, silver knife, kneeling in one spot for a hundred years, removing the skin/belt that caused the transformation in the first place--none of those are really going to work. Mostly I suppose I need new ideas. The other thing I need is a compelling reason by the werewolf in question wouldn't try to get medical help for his condition.

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Canadian Recognition of the American Vice President?

How likely is it that the average Canadian would recognize the American Vice President on sight? (Yeah, I realize your average American wouldn't recognize the Veep on sight!)

Think back to the last season of West Wing -- after Santos won the election, how familiar would Canadians be with the deceased VP-elect Leo McGarry? How likely would it be that the average bar-goer or person-on-the-street would recognize him if they met him in person or were standing next to him in a checkout line?

Story-setting: Forever Knight crossover, Leo's now a fledgling vampire in Toronto.

Googled "american politics canada OR canadians" and "USA politics canada OR canadians" -- sorry, best I could think of.

(My first post here -- hope I got it right.) Thanks!

Edited to add: A wealth of varied answers! Thanks, everybody -- you all helped immensely.