April 3rd, 2009


Australian life in photos, early 1900s to about 1945.

The Powerhouse Museum has a great collection of photos that are mainly from glass plates (with a few snuck in from later - I don't think they had WWII aeroplanes in the early 1900s). They show tourist-type views such as Coogee Beach (warning - naked ankles showing) and occasional shots like the miner's camp. It's not a bad way to get a feeling for dress, custom and location for these places.
Tea and record


I've been researching details on Quaaludes, for a story occuring in 1972 or '73. I've read the effects of the drug, and feel certain that I've got a firm enough grasp on the details that I need to know, but one thing that confuses me is it's attribute as a 'muscle relaxant.' This is kind of important, as the man the drug is forced upon (tall and skinny, living hand-to-mouth) has just injured himself, specifically twisting or spraining his ankle. His friends give it to him, as they really don't have the resources to take him to a doctor to properly treat his injury.

Would taking the Quaalude help to ease the pain? I don't know if spraining or twisting the ankle is an injury to muscle or bone, or if Quaalude can help any kind of pain.

Please and thank you.

Researched: wikipedia, erowid, google ("Quaaludes"; "Quaaludes" + effects).

ETA Thank you for everyone's help!