April 1st, 2009

I can has angsty chronic infection tailored to my specifications?

oh my God what am I doing?

So, uh, kitteh is 31-year-old, otherwise healthy black kitteh. Kitteh is fugitive from law in modern alternative world. Kitteh has had life far too easy for far too long in my view so I'm thinking of injuring him in some way that leaves an ANGSTY CLOUD OF POTENTIAL DOOM all over him. Then, when the time'S right, and everyone's appropriately worried, I can swoop in and save his life with magical healing phlebotinum I usefully have lying around. I was thinking somehow in the course of his activities, he could be wounded, it could get infected and because he and his friends are fugitives with limited access to healthcare, it doesn’t really get better.

Well I know THAT's possible, but...Collapse )

Tarot Card

Question 1- I need to find a card that means 'False love, folly/misunderstanding' I realise that this is probably best suited to a Tarot community (Tarot_Week comes to mind, but that comm seems to have dropped off the face of the earth..)  It's best if it's only read that way when reversed, but -any- card is good..

Searched: Google, 'tarot meaning- false love'

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Police and hospital staff procedure with kidnap victims

Time: Modern-day to all intents and purposes.
Location: A large city in an alternate-universe analogue to the UK. The city itself is the capital of the country following London's destruction, but is only about the size of Liverpool, though located in the South-East.
Characters involved: Character A is a young man (19 years old), the legal guardian of his sister, character B (15 years old). Character C is his boyfriend (20). Character D is a man who appears to be in his late 20s.

So the scenario is that characters A, B and C have recently been kidnapped by the villain of the piece (a woman in her mid-20s, who has killed at least six people previously, including A and B's two flatmates), and kept in a cellar for the last 48 hours. Character A has been tortured physically and psychologically, and is suffering from dehydration. B and C are relatively unharmed - they have been restrained, but have been given water and bread and allowed to talk occasionally. They have now been rescued and taken straight to hospital by character D.

Character A is catatonic, though he recovers from his physical injuries in fairly trouble-free fashion. Character B is extremely traumatised by her brother's condition and the recent murder of their flatmates. Character C is holding it together somewhat better. Character D is working for an inter-universe police agency and is thus in a position of much higher authority than the terrestrial police forces, though willing to co-operate.

What I'm wondering about is how they would be treated by the police/hospital staff, given that the woman who had kidnapped them is wanted by police as part of a city-wide manhunt. What would be the protocol for how they're treated, given that B and C aren't in much need of medical treatment? When and how would the police be called to question them? Would there be any counselling available, particularly for character B as a minor?

I'm also wondering what the attitudes of the police and hospital staff would be, as well as the sequence of events - A and B are vampires, which in this universe are a minority who suffer from considerable stigma, perhaps equivalent to being gay in the late 80s. Character A is also gay and generally cross-dresses, although these facts might not necessarily be revealed to the hospital staff. They're all white and speak English idiomatically, if that makes any difference either.

Searched for: various combinations of police, hospital, procedure, kidnap, torture, victims, etc.


Several of you have helpfully pointed out that it is April First, also known as April Fools, a day on which people commonly try to pull pranks on one another.

The mods had not realized, and unfortunately, we picked a bad date to announce our plan for making over the community. Only very few of you took us seriously; the rest of you were convinced it was a joke.

Therefore, we are suspending the new rule for now, until such time has passed that we can re-implement it and have it treated as the srs bizness it actually is.

Thank you!

Your mods

Underwear! In 1773....

Okay, so, we have the word 'smallclothes'. Which is defined as either
1: small articles of clothing (as underclothing or handkerchiefs)
2: close-fitting knee breeches worn in the 18th century

The sources tell me the 'underclothes' definition is 'obsolete'. When did it become obsolete?
When did it mean outerwear - knee breeches - as opposed to under wear? Or did it mean two different things at the same time?

I have a man in his underwear/clothes wading around in the water. Would he think of them as 'smallclothes'? Or something else? He's the moderately wealthy son of a moderately wealthy Englishman.

Thank you!

Adanced copies of movies


LA March 2005


How early can a celebrity get a movie they were in before it's released to the public?


Leo's girlfriend's friend gives his daughter a copy of The Wild

I know that it came out in 2006 but this is March of 2005 so That's why I was wondering
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Non-biological family getting custody?

Hi, I'm a bit stuck. This is for a story I'm working on. I've googled non-biological family getting custody, uncles getting custody and custody issues. I'm looking at US law here, but really anything would be helpful.

Here's my situation.

There is a set of adult twins, Eve and Eden. Eve is married to a man named James. Eden has a relationship with a man, but won't tell anyone who he is. After they break up, she comes to stay with Eve and James. Both sisters are pregnant and due about a week apart.

Eve dies in childbirth, giving birth to a daughter--Melisande. Eden gives birth a few days later, and dies from an infection about a week after her daughter Astrid is born.

Obviously, James would still have custody of his daughter, Melisande, but is there a way for him to get custody of Astrid as well, even though he was only related to Eden by marriage? Would he have to legally adopt her? What if Eve and Eden's parents supported him getting custody?

I'm sort of stuck.

Breaking a fall without serious injuries

Time: 1970
Place: New York City

Story: Two young, physically-fit characters are attempting to scale a hotel with a grappling hook and rope. Before they reach the roof the rope breaks. For the purposes of the plot something needs to break their fall and allow them to flee the scene (i.e., no broken spines or bones jutting out at odd angles).

I was thinking about them landing in an open dumpster filled with trash bags and discarded mattresses. Is that plausible for absorbing the impact? About how many feet could the fall be, assuming that they land in the dumpster and act quickly enough to roll/loosen their limbs?

I've googled "how to survive a fall" and gotten helpful tips on what the characters can do to increase their odds of survival, but I want to make sure the specific scenario is workable.
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