March 28th, 2009

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A place in Italy to hide a body for several hundred years?

Hey, guys. I've been driving myself crazy trying to find something that'll work, and I'm completely stuck.

Setting: Italy from about the late 1400s to the present day

So I have two immortals, A and B, and A puts B into a magical sleep while they're in Rome and hides his body (long story). A group of humans in the present day set out to find B so they can wake him up to stop A's evil plan. I'm looking for a place (preferably in or very near Rome, but if you've thought of a really fantastic location for this that's a little bit further away that would be okay too) for A to hide B, but that would also be lightly guarded enough that a few Joe Schmoes (with some magical help, admittedly, but nothing major enough to make getting in and out of a very heavily guarded, heavily-touristed area possible) could get in and steal B's body in the present day without anyone else finding B's body in the span of years between then. The time period the ruin is from is unimportant as long as it existed before about 1480 or 1490, but it would be a nice bonus if the place had some connection to the Catholic Church or Catholicism.

Googled variations on "Italy undisturbed ruins," "Rome unexcavated ruins," and "Italy undiscovered ruins" but kept getting tourist sites, and I'm hoping for something that probably wouldn't be very well-known.

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london theatre, 1969

I've been searching for ages for this- trawling through Google search and monologue archives, and this, that, and the other thing, and have had no luck at all.  What I need is a play in which, in the year 1969, in London, a young man- mid to late twenties- would get cast as the lead. Small-to-fair sized cast.  Something that might be performed at a small, fringey type theatre.

I've searched 'london theatre 1969,' 'british theatre 1960's,' and gone through several monologue archives, searching under male monologues, and classical male monologues.  If anyone could come up with something, that would be incredibly helpful.  Thank you very much.

ETA:  Thank you all for the wonderful suggestions!  You've been massively, massively helpful.  *blows kisses*

Electromagnetic Pulses

Hey guys. I'm new to Little_Details. Currently, an important part of the story I am writing concerns an electromagnetic pulse going off just above the Black Canyon. I'm moderately sure that such a thing would completely fry the Hoover Dam, but what about the surrounding areas? I've read/seen very conflicting reports of just what an EMP would do to normal, civilian machines, In The Day After, it renders automobiles useless, whereas in Jericho, older cars survive just fine. Some sites say that even electronics that weren't on at the time of the EMP would be affected, whereas others say that they've at least got a slight chance of surviving. Some sites, like Exit Mundi, seem to imply that the only way electronics could be restored after an EMP would be to rebuild them. What would survive? Radios?

Sleeping on a Tudor Campaign

I'm writing a story set in France in 1513. After the victory at Therouanne, Henry VIII, his ally, Roman Emperor Maximillian and their armies turned to Tournai at Lille. The town fell to the English who entered it, took control and stationed a garrison.

I need to know where Henry VIII, Maximillian, a typical knight and their armies would sleep after taking Tornai. Would they take over the town with Henry and Maximillian installed in the best buildings? Would they form an encampment with their separate armies and sleep in tents or pavillions? What sort of possessions would they have around them to make life comfortable?

I've researched in various history books, including 'Tudor Knight' by Graham Turner and 'Logistics of Warfare in the age of the Crusades' by John H. Pryor. I've Googled, 'where did Henry VIII sleep on campaign', 'sleeping on tudor campaign', 'tudor campaign's in france', 'tudor knights in battle'. I've also looked at the Wikipedia pages on Henry VIII and Maximillian.

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions.

Pre-1945 Japanese Translation of "Grey Dragon Island"...

Hello. I know it's a shot in the dark, but I wonder if anyone can help me. I'm needing the kanji translation for "Grey Dragon Island" in Japanese, preferably in pre-1945 kanji though if that's too hard I'll be greatly happy with it in modern script. I've used Babelfish, google, dictionaries, etc. but none can compare to the knowledge that someone out there actually reads and writes Japanese fluently.

Anyone who can help with this, I shall be endebted to!

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Medical Training for Women in the 1900s

How long would medical training have been in the 1900s?

I have a female character, (born 1891) who qualifies as a doctor at the London School of Medicine for Women. How long would her course have taken, and how old would she have been when she entered? Since it probably makes a difference, she comes from an affluent background, and has a better-than-average education.
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USA immigration laws

Setting: USA, 2005 (New Jersey)

My questions concern the immigration laws. Character A is from Belarus and is currently in the USA for a while (from the info I already gathered, he needed a tourist Visa to enter the States), as guest of character B. As the story develops, A plans to remain there rather than turning back home. The big wondering is how.

1. Given his Visa, he isn't allowed to look for a job. He should turn his Visa into H2B, but what is the procedure? I don't need to go into details, just to get the main idea.
2. How long does a H2B Visa last, and can it be renewed? If yes, for how long?
3. If A wants to get married with an US citizen (it has to be a fake marriage), how will things work? I guess that A and US Citizen will be checked on, so they'll have to fake an established relationship for some months at least - please, correct me if I'm wrong. A is also friends with lawyers, I was thinking that they could help him in some shady ways, maybe?

Searched: google,,

Thank you in advance! ♥
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hit by car in 1930s England

here is my scenario: in an affluent area of 1930s (1932-ish) london, a tall, healthy man crosses the street outside his house and walks in front of a truck. he tries to move out of the way, but is struck on the left side. a doctor arrives on the scene and determines the man is dying from his internal injuries.

i need to know what would happen next. would the doctor have someone call for an ambulance? or would he want to move the patient into his home? how quick and reliable were ambulances back then? how skilled were typical doctors? i mean, could a doctor operate at the scene of the accident, a la er or other doctor tv shows today?

i realize these are incredibly vague questions. i'm not sure, however, what the right questions to ask are.

perhaps this would help. this is the outcome i want: the doctor determines the man to be dying and has him moved into his home. the doctor attempts to save his life, but is unable to and the man dies in his own bed. the actual wounds are not important because the story is being told from a hysterical witness with no medical training or knowledge.

i just need to know if this is the kind of thing that would have happened, or if my outcome is completely unfeasible. would a doctor in this situation ever move the severely injured man into his home to try to save him? and would he attempt to operate in the man's home, if he did take him there?

i've been through the tags here and found a lot of medical information that will be useful, but not a lot about health care in england in the 1930s. i've googled "ambulances england 1930," "home health care england 1930," and "car accidents england 1930" without much result. i did learn a lot about the ambulances used then, just not how effective they were.

any information or suggestions at all would be greatly appreciated.
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Infertility Information Post WWII USA

Setting: United States, Kansas and New York; Post World War II (1945-1955-ish)
Characters: Married childless couple in their late twenties to late thirties with access to internationally renowned physician. Male is a chemist, female is a former military research assistant.

Collapse )

Searched: Google, Wikipedia, Books24x7, Proquest, and NY Times Historical Newspapers using search terms: "fertility", "family planning", "childless", "infertility", "sterile couples" with parameters including "United States", "post World War II", "1940s", and "1950s"

Thanks in advance for any help you may provide.