March 25th, 2009

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Hypoglycaemic Shock

Setting: UK, present day.

So my character is type I diabetic, but when he does his evening shot he's in the middle of an argument and accidentally injects too much insulin because he's not concentrating properly.

My questions:

1) How much insulin would be needed for him to go into hypoglycaemic shock, if his glucose level was slightly above what would be considered 'normal'?
2) How long would it take for the shock to set in? Would it be a matter of minutes, or hours?

I struggled finding what I needed because most of the searches turned up medical journals which I did not understand a word of, or they were related to hypoglycaemia in general, rather than as a result of an insulin overdose.

Thank you in advance!

Funerary customs for above-ground burials

Victorian era, England (but modern-day European or American anecdata are welcome!).

I've googled on combination of funeral, ceremony, vault, burial and Victorian, but I'm getting lots of adverts for funeral homes, and nothing that tells me what I want to know!

I have a funeral, in Victorian England, where the deceased is to be laid to rest in the family vault, which is an above-ground stone structure.

With a normal burial, the coffin is laid beside the open grave for part of the ceremony, then lowered into the ground, and the presiding priest and/or family members may throw in a handful of dirt; they then leave and the grave-diggers fill in the grave. However, I have no idea what the equivalent is for a vault "burial"; do they lay the coffin outside the vault, and then ceremonially deposit it inside? Do they just put it in the vault before the ceremony? Is there an equivalent to the throwing in of dirt; some gesture made by those close to the deceased? And inside the vault, do the coffins just sit on daiases (I have no idea how to spell that word!) or big shelves, or are they placed into a sarcophagus-type thing, or bricked up, or similar? I've found one or two pictures of the insides of vaults, but none which are still "in use", so it's not clear what they would have been like before they were cleared out and opened to the public!

Many thanks for any help!
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Japan: Literature

Setting: Fan fiction based on Hana Yori Dango, the Japanese drama adaptation of the manga. This is modern-day Japan.

Query: I have two characters who will discuss books, but my knowledge of Japanese literature is limited. I need three categories of books (1) classic works no more than 150 years old that may be on the typical Japanese school's reading list; (2) books that a teenage/young adult male might be read, particularly of the historical fiction variety; (3) romance novels, particularly what might be considered "chick lit" in Japan.

The research I've done, complete with lists of what I've found, can be found behind the cut. Any advice would be useful, including your opinion on the books I've found.

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