March 23rd, 2009


Upholstery Terminology

I've had no luck scrounging the web for this, since it's SUCH a little detail:

In upholstery, is there a word for the points at which the fabric is pinned to the frame? I'm thinking especially of leather upholstery -- specifically, a nice, big, old-fashioned black psychoanalyst couch.

My design friends could tell me that the style I'm thinking of is "quilted upholstery," but beyond that they're as stumped as I am. Does anyone know if there's an actual word for this?

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Thank you a million times over!
blue sea theme

Need correct psychological diagnosis

time/setting: 1999 Washington, DC

searched: DSM-IV, DSM-IV-TR, narcissistic personality disorder, paranoid personality disorder, delusional disorder, psychosis, psychotic, psychopathy, borderline personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, psychopathic checklist revised (PCL-R), malignant narcissism, delusions of reference, schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, mental illness diagnosis by DSM, etc and in various combinations.

Character (male, age 37) meets the requirements (5 or more traits) for Narcissistic Personality Disorder per DSM-IV-TR. He also meets the requirements (4 or more traits) of Paranoid Personality Disorder. But he also meets the requirements of 'unspecified type' Delusional Disorder.

With the above, what would be the correct diagnosis for this individual? And does it fall within the realm of Psychopathy? He does have several characteristics of Psychopathy, such as: superficial charm, criminal versatility, deceitfulness, manipulativeness, sexually deviant lifestyle, reckless disregard for the safety of self and others, impulse control problems, and irresponsibility.

Would he be diagnosed as psychopathic? borderline personality disorder? what?

Thank you in advance for the help.

ETA Thank you to everyone who responded... I received very good help with this!! :D