March 22nd, 2009


Migraine Experiences

I've spent some time trolling the internet for information on migraine headaches and I've found a lot of technical information but what I'm really looking for are personal descriptions of what it feels like to go through one. What happens during the prodrome phase? When the actual headache arrives, does it just sort of...punch you in the head and send you reeling or is it a gradual intensification of the pain? After the headache goes and you're in postdrome phase, how long until you feel fully functional again?

I'd really appreciate any comments that will help me describe what it feels like for my character to be experiencing a migraine episode, but if this kind of question is not allowed, please let me know and I'll delete it. Thanks :)

ETA: Thank you so much everyone who has commented sharing your own experiences or the experiences of people you know. You've definitely all given me plenty to use for this scene and I am incredibly grateful :D
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Measuring objects

I have, in my latest story, a race of AIs who are probably going to be 2 meters long, 1 meter wide, and 1 meter deep. What's the proper format for that? I know it looks something like # x # x #, but I don't know which dimension goes in which spot, and I've tried Googling variations on "proper dimension format" and "# x # x #" and got squat.

Also, since I might be using the metric system and this is scifi, and I can only find the metric system listed up to 1 million meters (megametre), does anyone know names for larger units of distance larger than a megametre, or do they just go into parsecs and lightyears, etc., at that point?