March 19th, 2009

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Daily tabby pull calanders? I can't call them that, surely.

Setting: A fantasy offshoot of England (although they have these everywhere so I don't suppose that matters)
Time: Any time within the last 20 years

I have a character who is excited about getting to pull yesterday's date from one of those calendars that just have the day and nothing else. You know the ones that are just a red and white square?

I can't think of a way to describe it that isn't the two sentences above this one. I assume they must have a name more efficient than daily tabby pull calendars that I don't know because I've never worked in an office or anywhere that has one.

I wasn't sure how to google this beyond just trawling office supply sites and seeing what they called them but I haven't been able to track one down. Do they still exist? It isn't a very google friendly question and office supply sites are the only places I can think to look.

Thanks in advance, I only wish I knew more about armies and history so I could help more people on here out.
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Two quick question regarding police procedure in the UK.

There's been a murder in a fairly public place. Two characters have just arrived there, because they were supposed to attend a meeting, however the area is cordoned off for an investigation.

Here's the question; Since they just arrived, have no clue what went on and didn't witness anything, what would the police do with them? Tell them to go home? Give them a number to call? Ask them to come down to the station politely? I googled the heck out of this, but didn't find anything.

Second question: Would they close the whole building, or just the area where the body was? It's an office block if that helps.

Googled: uk police procedures murder investigation, police procedures england, police procedures murder witnesses, various combinations of words.
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Background Checks and Military Records, modern US

Modern day, USA. Google searches tried: 'background checks' 'military records' 'what records are available' and variations thereof. I just keep getting ads for detective agencies and computer spy programs.

A private citizen (wealthy and connected, can name-drop the weight of a large defense contractor - his employer - if he has to) is running a background check on an active duty officer in the Marine Corps. What specific pieces of her military record would he be able to access? Name, rank, date of entry? Awards/commendations? Deployment/assignment history? None of the above? He would stretch social protocol (minor bribery, using connections) to get information beyond the first 'no,' but not do anything illegal or sketchy.