March 16th, 2009

  • deird1

Bleach as a Hair Dye

(googling this just gives me references to "sun-bleached hair", which is not what I need)

What would happen to someone's hair if they tried dyeing their hair blonde by using bleach?

Just standard, household bleach. I imagine it would wreck their hair, but I want to know the details of what would happen.
And also, even if their hair was completely destroyed, would the bits that were left be blonde?
25 May

Some questions about Shinto

Searched: assorted combinations of keywords, also read and Wikipedia articles on Shinto and several of my mom's old books on world religion.
Setting: Modern day, assorted locations in Japan, America (mostly New England), England (mostly London), and France (mostly Paris)

My main character is a young woman (twentysomething) raised in Japan by a Japanese father and a half-Japanese-, half-Canadian-American mother (who moved to Japan when she met the father).  She practices mostly Shinto, with some bit of Christianity mixed in.  She belongs to a multi-faith organization of exorcists and demon-hunters.  My questions:
1. Is Shinto purification performed only by priests, or can lay people do it if needed?  If they can't, what kind of precautions or protections could they use while waiting for a qualified person to arrive?
2. My character moves around a lot and doesn't have a permanent residence.  Would she have some sort of shrine that she could take with her?  If so, what would that entail?  If not, what sort of other practices might she do?

Thanks in advance!

Picture or illustration, Napoleon-era uniform

I hate painting myself into a corner like this.

I've been describing a particular faction of angels as favoring a Napoleonic military look, using the Branagh version of Hamlet as a muse and occasionally the screenshots to describe characters.  Currently I'm doing a writeup on a character who is an angel with dark grey wings and a (contrasting) white military uniform.  The trouble is, I can't find any uniforms from that era that come in white!! 

The character is the very picture of dignity, so some of the older 18th century pictures that I have found don't work--uniforms unbuttoned or stained, or too frilly.

Terms I've searched in Google image:  uniform, officer, white, navy, napoleonic, 1807, 1812