March 14th, 2009

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Papal madness

What would happen if a Pope were to have Dissociative Identity Disorder, so that at times the Papacy was in the hands of a personality that was not competent, not the personality selected, or even not Catholic? Would the original Papal personality take it upon himself to abdicate? Could the College of Cardinals remove the Pope from office (I understand there is no precedent for this, but...)? Would the personality that wasn't originally elected Pope be considered to have any Papal standing at all?

ETA: The Pope didn't start out crazy; the DID comes from Applied Psychological/Supernatural Phlebotinum.
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weird question about divorced parents

Can't imagine how to google this.

Let's say there are two parents, long-divorced, in different states, with a grown son. Now, they think their son was killed in an accident the night before, but then the son calls the father on the telephone.

How would the father tell the son that the mother is very upset? "Your mother's worried sick," sort of rings false for me, it doesn't imply enough despair (after all, she thinks her son is dead), or distance. I've noticed that divorced parents usually refer to the other parent as "your mother" or "your father," but "worried sick" seems too much to me like they are in the same place and really know how the other are feeling.

The story is about emotional distance, to some extent, so I would like to get this small detail right.

UPDATE: I'm going with sirriamnis's excellent "Your mother is losing her mind," for its wonderful overtones of contempt and dismissal, combined with the overall theme of being lost that I am exploring here. The actual line will appear in Cloudhopper 046:

Which you can see from the broken link above is not done yet, but it will appear in this space when I finish it (probably about a month from now).

You can read the entire story so far at

I finished 033 yesterday so I will do 046 as soon as I do 034 through 045...

Thanks everyone! That was very helpful

Films With "Intertitle" Epilogues

I'm in the process of finishing the script to the third film in a trilogy, and as it is the end of the story for the characters populating Tovah Feldshuh Senior High School, I was hoping to include an epilogue, something along the lines of "Shayna and Feygele spent the summer after graduation performing in a Lower East Side vaudeville act, which they kept going on a modified schedule when Shayna started at Hofstra. Shayna now works for a high-powered PR firm in Midtown, while her brother is now artist-in-residence at La MaMa," that is to say, an epilogue in text format rather than in film clips. I'm looking for examples of films that employ this technique, mainly so that I can then look at the scripts to see how they're formatted and get a sense of the length of each "blurb."

Can anyone think of any film like that off the top of their heads?

Searched: "epilogue film script title card", "films with epilogues"
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Human trafficking in the 1980s

Setting: 1985 - 1989 in Miami, FL
Research done: Wikipedia (page: FBI); Google, search terms included various combinations of "1980s", "Miami", "human trafficking", "FBI", "history", "undercover".

My main character is an undercover FBI agent in Miami, Florida. He's undercover in a criminal organization of some kind that is trafficking drugs up the east coast to the Italian mafia in New York City. At the same time, he stumbles upon the fact that the same organization that he has infiltrated is also trafficking in illegal immigrants.

So... how prevalent was human trafficking in the 1980s? Was it primarily for the sex trade or for cheap labor? If people were being trafficked into Miami, where would they be most likely coming from? (South/Central America, most probably, but what country(ies)?) How aware was law enforcement of the crime of human trafficking at the time, and did the FBI have any special task forces/departments/work groups at the time to deal with and investigate the issue?

(Finding information about the history of human trafficking during a specific period in time in a specific place is harder than it seems. And while an interesting show, I don't generally think of Miami Vice as a reliable source....)