March 12th, 2009

Late Victorian era racial attitudes - Britain

I know that Britain at around the time period didn't have a great track record when it came to dealing with non-whites. What I need to find are source materials that might give me a better idea of what sort of things a non-white might experience. The character is 'half-caste', one step up from a street kid, the son of a prostitute and for the most part self-educated. I need to work out how many problems he'd run into at the British Museum and what could be done to counter them so I can get him where he needs to go.

Are there any good studies on that sort of thing around? On the web or off, though preferably on as my local libraries may not have access.

I've done some preliminary research in the web-sites about the Victorian era and the history of the British Museum, but haven't run across anything specific enough to help, yet.

ETA: Much thanks folks. You've got me some of what I need. Of course, if anyone has more to add I'll be glad to hear it. This story is going to take a while to finish because of all the research.
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effects of Anti-psychotics on healthy brain.

Time frame: Modern era, spec. fic.
googled terms: several permutations on "effects of anti-psychotics on normal/ healthy brain”

As the title and googled terms imply, I’m looking for the effects of Thorozine Or seroquel (or any anti-psychotic, I can fudge, I just happen to know what those are called) on a “normal” brain/ mind.

Character is 35, female in very good physical and mental shape and was probably given a fairly strong dose due to “hallucinations” which are events that really happened.

effects of Anti-psychotics on healthy brain.

EDT: fixed bad typo, thanks to corvideye for pointing it out.

Floor numbers

This may be a completely odd question.

In Europe (at least in Austria), the stories are as such: Ground floor, first floor, second floor, etc., whereas in America, it's Ground floor/first floor, second floor, etc.

Does anyone know how they floors are counted in Korea?

Traditional Japanese Contraceptive

Searches: "traditional Japanese medicine," "traditional Japanese medicine contraceptives," "traditional Japanese medicine birth control," "mugwort contraceptive"; Wikipedia pages on Kampo, Traditonal Chinese medicine, Queen Anne's Lace/Wild carrot, Mugwort, Tansy; [tags] japan (misc), medicine (misc), medicine: premodern, medicine: reproduction
Setting: The fandom is set in 1990s Japan [as well as the demon world], though I haven't narrowed down how far ahead of the series's start I intend to set the story

I know that I can probably do all the hand-waving I want for this story, but I'd like to have the details and description to add to the feel.

The character in question is a demon, but the tendency seems to be to align her culture with traditional Japanese culture. So instead of inventing a random demonic plant as a contraceptive, I'd like to incorporate a technique from traditional Japanese medicine to prevent pregnancy. To make it more difficult, they reproduce asexually, so I'm specifically looking for something that would interfere with implantation or end the pregnancy very early. I assume I'm going to be looking at some sort of herb, so that's what I've been searching for.

I wasn't having much luck finding anything about contraceptives in traditional Japanese medicine. I'd remembered hearing about Queen Anne's Lace/Wild carrot, and while it looks like it would work in the way I would like it to, I am not sure if it would be found in China or Japan, or if it would have been used as a contraceptive in those cultures. Mugwort is a part of traditional Japanese medicine, and can be used as a contraceptive, but I can't find any non-Western-based examples of it being used to confirm this.

Any help with what contraceptives might be used and how they might be used would be appreciated.

Knife Wound to the shoulder

In my story/fairytale, set in pseudo Dark Ages, a 48 (there abouts, I might make him younger) year old man in good health receives a dagger to his shoulder during a fight. The dagger is tossed at him so it goes in about three or four inches, no vital organs are hit, dagger remains in wound until he's taken to someone who can help him. Would cauterizing and stitching be a bad idea? How fast could it take to heal (not completely--he just needs to be well enough to get out of town fast, before his attackers find him again)? How soon could the wound heal completely if at all?

Possible suggestions for search queries would also be appreciated.

Some that I've already tried: shoulder wound, knife cut, rate of healing, 48 year old man, dark ages
shoulder wound, knife cut, rate of healing, 48 year old man
shoulder wound, knife cut, 48 year old man, treatment
dagger cut, shoulder wound, treatment