March 9th, 2009

Size of Anatolian Wild Boar

Simply put I have the figures for a large Indian boar: Height at wither, 38 inches ; length, 60 inches; girth, 55 inches ; girth of forearm, 14 inches ; tushes, 8 inches; weight, 300 lbs.

However I've found that the Anatolian Wild Boar can reach sizes of 660-730 lbs, with tusks reaching 10 inches or more. However when I go online to find the heigh, length, etc of these boars I find nothing at all. Assuming a seven or eight year old boar of maybe 600 lbs, what would its other measurements be like? Is there a place where I can find a chart? Or is there some other method of making the calculation?

It's not critical, but I have a character who's out pigsticking and I'd like to know what exactly he'd be able to catch.
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16th Century Military-wear

I'm looking for any general guidance about the uniforms of the Holy Roman Empire. I've been googling (in English and somewhat flimsy German) and roaming through History books, and have also visited the Military Museum in Vienna but it was just outside my timeframe and didn't clarify what I was looking for.

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Unfortunately, most of the information I can find starts in the 17th century and onwards, so if anyone could help, I would be really grateful :)

19th century fanmaking

What, exactly, would a fanmaker in early/mid 19th century France... do? (I'm specifically interested in 1820-1835, but the rest of the period would be useful to know as well.) Besides make fans. What kind of materials would be used? In what setting? What kind of training? There's a good amount of information out there just Google-wise on what fans would look like and when they were used, even some of the materials they'd be comprised of (I'm personally more interested paint-wise, and how materials would be obtained if it wasn't in a factory/workshop setting) but fairly little about who'd be doing the work.

Terms searched: 19th century fanmaking, 19th century fanmaker, Victorian fanmaking. (Honestly, I'm not sure what else to search for.)