March 2nd, 2009


Everyday ordinary piano

Like most people, I'm fairly ignorant about pianos, beyond a handful of the best-known makes and whatever's haunting the corner of a relative's home.

I'm looking for a piano that a low-end indie-type performance space might have inherited from one or more somewhat nicer places: quality, but not spectacular. Average price range when new and traded in good condition, not el cheapo. Built to last and perform, but not designed as a concert instrument.

It's an upright grand of standard size. It's on wheels, but these are likely a rolling frame, as found where pianos are sometimes pulled out performances and then put away later, so I'm not looking for a piano that might come with castors.

It's loud and has a sharp delivery. It was designed for spaces where it would have to reach some distance. Again, however, this is NOT a concert-grade piano. More like the kind that would be ideal in a school auditorium, and I feel sure that someone out there makes or once made uprights for purposes like this.

After that, nothing else matters. Colour, stylings, anything else.

I also need to know that a piano like this can survive being tipped over on its back without being ruined beyond repair (expense notwithstanding). It's gonna get beat up a bit.


Edit: Based on comments, I realise I left out a couple possibly useful details. It's getting beat up about 10 years ago, I think. It's in a low-end indie club, who would have probably inherited it from a somewhat nicer pub in the same or nearby space. This is in the Boston - New York area, so the piano could have come from anywhere, really, but is most likely made in North America, and most likely designed originally as a durable educational device. I realised it's probably nicer than 'average' or else would have been gotten rid of by now, and was probably considered pretty damn good when newer. It was probably built in the late '50s or early '60s. Colour and design are unimportant.
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[MOD POST] To all the helpful taggers

I've been working on cleaning up duplicate tags, creating new tags, and the like. With that in mind, I've been renaming some tags I'm working on

*merge - these tags cover something that is already taken care of by another tag and I need to go through and retag each entry. If you can avoid it, try not to use these tags and find the applicable tag that's farther down the list.

*fill - these are brand new tags that have been suggested. I'm setting them apart so I can work on finding past posts they apply to. If they're applicable to a post, please do use them!
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High-tech Underground Bunkers

I have a question regarding underground bunkers - particularly underground bunkers designed for long-term use, high-tech, and would be home to the President of the United States in a world-altering catastrophe.

I tried googling underground bunker, high-tech bunker, refuge, and came up empty except for one article which wasn't that helpful.

Does anyone know where I could find info on infrastructure, ventilation systems, etc.? Theoretical is also fine if none of these facilities exist (I think they do, though).  This story I'm working on is Science Fiction, in the Resident Evil universe. Even though it's fan fic,  I want to be as accurate as I can with the setting and what might go wrong in these types of structures. 

Cover for Secrets

Slow-acting poison that is not easily traced, no antidote yet, or one very difficult to make

Period: Modern Day
Place: US
Places looked: Wiki, Google with search words 'slow-acting poison', metallic poisoning, research on Thallium and arsenic

I found one post here that relates to slow-acting poisons, but some details that we planned for our story don't fit, so I hope to get further answers here.

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Is such a thing possible?

Thank you!

Airport Records?

Setting: San Diego and Las Vegas, 2004
Searched: Variations of "airport records", "passenger recording," "airport passenger records", etc.

Circumstances: I have a character looking to match video footage of four passengers embarking and disembarking in the San Diego airport with the names on their tickets. The caveat: she has full access to airport security but not necessarily to individual carrier's records.

Question: Would airport security have access the passenger manifests from the appropriate airlines? I assume so, but I want to be sure.

Corollary question: Would airline security be handled by the same corporation that oversees the operation of the airport generally?

ETA: Early commenter reminds me to add: the character does not have access to the full might and majesty of the law. Her employer owns the corporation which operates the San Diego airport.

The placement of a London town house of an aristocratic family

The characters living in the house are titled nobility, and the house was built in the first part of the 19th century.

So, which part of London would the house be in? I looked up London districts and I got a lot of useful information, but I'd like to hear people who live in London saying where it would be most likely to have it, keeping in mind that the family has lived there since the house was built, and are still living there in the present (it wasn't donated for use, turned into office buildings, etcetera, etcetera)?

I was thinking Knightsbridge, Belgravia or St. James's, but Knightsbridge always struck me as a "noveau riche" district from some reason, and I thinkt that St. James's is more of a commercial area presently. But, you know, I may be completely off and there's something much more likely than these.

Where should I put it?

EDIT: I've found out that it's also important how old the family is, so I thought I'd include that they had been ennobled somewhere circa 1700, but the house was built in the early 1800s. Also, I'm thinking Belgravia or Mayfair now.