February 16th, 2009

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Treatment for a complete stab wound in 17th-century Caribbean pirate ship

So. Height of the pirate invasion of the Spanish Main, 17th century. A male character, early twenties, is stabbed by a rapier in the extreme side of the abdomen at an angle a couple of inches below the ribs, leaving a hole about three inches deep and open at both ends (The stab was aimed for the gut but the character jumped to the side). What does the wound look like a week later (never flushed, allowed to bleed freely, though bandaged)? After the week, the wound is flushed with spirits and stitched shut, then the next day a poultice of mashed onion and honey is used on the outside of the wound. The stitches are then opened up and flushed again with boiled ocean water. What's the best treatment here, and what are his chances of survival beyond the week?

EDIT: I clarified the trajectory and location of the wound, and added some details to the care of the wound itself (i.e. the ocean water was boiled)
Sugar and spice and all that

Military tacticts, terminology and general research

I write a lot of fantasy stories and in many I have wars. I don't know much about military situations though I do try. I don't know any good books, I don't know any good sites. For a while I just started asking my ex (who was part of the Canadian military) for terms but even then I don't even have any idea where to start asking or how to phrase what I am asking.

Mainly I want to teach myself various tactics. But I would also like to make sure that I am using terms that aren't terribly improper (hard I know given the fact that every country uses different terminology)

I have tried google, I have tried wiki, I have tried looking at books in the military section of all of my favorite book stores (the problem with this being that normally book stores only carry things about modern warfare and my fantasy stories all take place in worlds with technology similar to our middle or dark ages... sort of think SOME of it is applicable but there is quite a bit that isn't) Unfortunately I'm so unsure of everything that even my search phrases turn up nothing. (I'm a little too embarrassed to post the terms. Suffice it to say that truly suck)

Does anyone have a set of resources for any of this? Books, sites, WHATEVER I can go to when I have questions? I know that this isn't a specific question, not really. But I ALWAYS have questions about this topic whenever I write and I have so many instances that I think it's just makes more sense for me to ask for the resources rather than the answers.

Victorian insults

Googled and found dictionaries here and here, but that's more along the line of thieves cant and such.

Setting: Steampunk Victorian London.

What would a proper Victorian gentleman call two men whom he really wants to insult? Something along the lines of "you assholes." Bonus points for anything that also suggests that they're gay and/or lower class.