February 14th, 2009

eye gouging and Victorian treatment methods?

terms googled already: Eye gouging, missing eye, eye injury. I mostly got eye gouging as a punishment for crime and eye gouging in football.

(Apologies if this question has been asked in some permutation already-- this is my first post to this community, and I love it to bits already, so I at least tried to check if there was anything glaringly obvious written about it here. I've got plenty of information, a good deal thanks to this comm, about facial scarring and such-- it's the actual damage to the socket that I'm worried about.)
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The effects of leukemia on male sex drive

Timeline: Present day
Age of character: 25
Googled: 'leukemia'; 'impotence'; 'erectile dysfrunction'; 'leukemia + erectile dysfunction'; 'leukemia + impotence'; 'how does leukemia affect sex drive'

I have a character with Acute myelogenous leukemia and I want to know whether there would be any physical effects of the disease preventing from from getting and maintaining an erection. The character will eventually die from it, and is no longer undergoing chemo if that makes a difference.