February 12th, 2009

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USMC Uniform for Senatorial Inauguration?

So I have a question about the proper wearing of military dress uniforms.

One of my characters is a USMC MGySgt. His husband (this is a world without DADT) is a Senator-elect. Would my character wear his Dress As or Dress Bs, his Service As, or a civilian suit? According to Wiki, Service As are the typical uniform to wear to the White House, so that would make it seem like perhaps they would also be worn to a Senatorial swearing in, but they don't seem dressy enough.

Thanks in advance!
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Reestablishing an identity

Googled: obtaining a birth certificate/social security card/state id, runaways reestablishing identity, also checked the archives.

There's a similar question in the tags, but the information in the answers wasn't really relevant for what I need.

SETTING: Hartford, Connecticut, Present Day

My MC ran away from his foster home at 16. He's 22 now, and starting make a life for himself, living with a friend and working as a dishwasher at a restaurant.

I've got two questions.

1) How could he get ID? It seems to be the good old catch 22, you need a birth certificate to get an ID, and an ID to get a birth certificate.

Since he was in the foster care system, could he call Child Services, or the Foster Home to obtain proof of identity?

2) Do they ever place children with a foster family who lives out of state?

Thanks so much!
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Elizabeth Peters Novels

This is a long shot, but does anybody know the name of the book on Ancient Egypt Radcliffe Emerson is writing in Elizabeth Peters' Amelia Peabody novels? I don't own copies of all the books, and I looked through the one I thought I remembered him editing it in, but I was wrong.

Search Terms: Radcliffe Emerson, Elizabeth Peters, Imaginary Books Radcliffe Emerson, and I also looked through the Another Shirt Ruined official fan website.

ETA: Answered!

Female Chopper pilots in the US Marine Corps

Setting: present-day Iraq, this reality.

My character is a USMC avaiator who is deployed in Iraq. My question is, would she be allowed in one of the Helicopter Light Attack squadrons? I know women are allowed to be chopper pilots, but I'm not sure whether they're only restricted to flying transport choppers (Heavy Helicopter and Medium Helicopter squadrons) or not. Copious googling has turned up nothing of use on the subject matter, and I'm hoping y'all might be able to help.

Thanks in advance!
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Terminology for a Bride Left at the Altar

Once more I find myself in need of this community's wonderful services!

What I'm looking for are other phrases, names or terminology for a bride left at the altar. The only one I can think of myself or seem to find is 'jilted bride'. I'm hoping to find at least a small list of terms. I've been all over Google and this comm's memories/tags, but so far no luck.

Is 'jilted bride' the only term, or am I just failing at google-fu today?

Searched terms: 'synonyms, jilted bride' 'phrases, jilted bride', 'jilted bride', 'terms for bride left at altar', 'names for a bride left at altar' and then things getting more and more desperate.

Tags checked here: 'marriage' and 'wedding'.
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Medical Question

I have a female 20something year old character in current time American with the following symptoms trouble sleeping, time loss, loss of appetite, headaches, lower back pain, joint pain – elbows and knees, nausea, poor circulation, chills and I was wondering if anyone knew medical reasons these symptoms would be from? I've tried a few places but they all have a combination of reasons why these symptoms would appear in a person. Trouble sleeping, time loss and loss of appetite from depression. The headaches, lower back pain and joint pain in the elbows and knees, nausea from being pregnant and the poor circulation and chills from arthritis but I want one for all disease. Any suggestions.

Stage make up and disguises

Where: Gotham USA
When: Now-ish
Searched: Make up, Stage make up, special effects make up, disguise techniques, and various combinations.

I want to disguise Bruce Wayne so he can interview a crime victim. I want him to look older and heavier than he is. I'm using gray hair spray, a sallow foundation and blue circles under his eyes. Some sort of padded under garment will thicken his waist and give him a bit of a paunch, but how do I make his face look heavier?

I'm counting on a cheap suit and the fact that the victim wouldn't expect a local celeb to visit her in the hospital to round out the disguise. Just so he doesn't see anybody he knows....
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