February 10th, 2009

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Pre-Modern Philosophers and Sexual Morality

Setting: England, 17th/18th Centuries
Search Terms Used: "Philosophy of Love and Sex"; "Philosophers Sexual Morality"; "Philosophers Sexual Ethics" with qualifiers about pre-modern sprinkled throughout

Would anyone be able to suggest any pre-Modern philosophers who wrote at any length about sexual morality, love, and ethics? Preferably, I'd like to stay pre-18th century (early modern, I realize) as the story is set at the very turn of the eighteenth. I've tried looking up the philosophy of love and sex, but I can't find a ready list of actual philosophers who have addressed the subject before the 20th century. Any help, or search suggestions, would be greatly appreciated :)
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Pay and housing for a Fed in LA

So I've got a character who's an FBI agent, working in the L.A. field office. He's got about seven years' experience in the Bureau, and is part of the Major Crimes Unit.

My questions are as follows:

1. What would his pay be like? The only data I can find is from 2004, and my story is set in 2009. Has there been any significant change in the pay scales for federal agents since then?

2. He needs to live some place that is a reasonable driving distance from both the FBI HQ on Wiltshire Boulevard and UCLA, preferably in a two-bedroom apartment with a roommate to share the rent. What neighbourhood would they most likely live in? Compton, maybe, or Gardena? I've never been to the States, let alone LA, so if there are any Angelinos here who could steer me right, that would be awesome.

3. This is slightly frivolous, but... is there any place you can get real, authentic NY-style pizza in LA? My Fed is a former New Yorker who misses his hometown something terrible. Extra points if it's a tiny hole-in-the-wall type of place rather than a chain.

Thanks in advance!

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Pre teen boy slang

When- contemporary
Where- USA East Coast, Gotham to be specific.
Short of hunting down a twelve year old boy and asking him, googling slang, pre teen slang and asking around I haven't had much luck.

How would the aforementioned pre-teen boy describe a time that was perfect, blissful, wonderful? He's remembering wandering off at a museum and ending up in the geology exhibit all on his own. And for this kid it's as good as it gets. (yeah he's a geek, but a rock hound geek.)
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Healing time and specifics for facial wounds

I'm looking for help determining how long it would take for a nasty cut on the face to heal, and what effect it would have on the face. This would be with only 16th-century (or 1500s, for the centurially challenged) medicine available, i.e. stitching it up with a needle and thread, I guess. Or please correct me if I'm wrong on that too.

I've done searches on Google with terms like "healing time for face wounds," and read the Wikipedia pages on "wound healing" and "facial trauma." I didn't find anything about how long it might take to heal.

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Mimeograph machines

The setting is the present day in the US.

When did mimeograph machines (stencil duplicators) go out of common usage? I know digital duplicators are still produced, but I'm talking about the old school kind that were eventually superseded by the photocopier.

I know my mother, who was born in 1954, remembers having used one in school. Would a character born in the late 1960's have used them? To clarify, the character in question isn't an artist or anything, so he wouldn't have had any reason to use one for any special purpose.

ETA: Just so we're all clear- I'm talking about mimeographs (stencil duplicators) and not ditto machines (spirit duplicators- these are the ones in the funky colors).